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Smart Engines triples the precision of the ID documents machine-readable zone scanner

Smart Engines has unveiled a new generation of Smart Code Engine 1.12.0, a system for scanning the credit cards, QR codes and other barcodes, and MRZ of ID documents. The solution is used for convenient data entry when making check-in, tax refund or payments in mobile applications and Internet banks…


Smart Engines teamed up with Shanghai Pixsur Smart Technology for 2022’s most influential global sporting championship

A leading iris recognition solution provider in China, Shanghai Pixsur Smart Technology Co., has partnered with Smart Engines to participate in a world’s most influential 2022 sporting tournament. Pixsur has chosen Smart Engines`s scanning solutions for recognizing identification documents with MRZ…


Smart Engines announces the next generation of ID Scanning product

Smart Engines today announced a new generation of Smart ID Engine, the most advanced identity scanner. With the new AnyDoc mode, more than 3, 000 ID templates recognized and significantly improved document scanning accuracy, Smart ID Engine unlocked breakthrough scanning experience…


ZEUSTECH integrates Smart Engines MRZ OCR solution into its mobile application for hotels

Greek company ZEUSTECH I.T. Services introduced the Smart Engines software for passport scanning and automatic data extraction from machine-readable zones (MRZ) compliant with international and local standards for passports, residence permits, ID cards, visas, and others…


SignD Unified Onboarding Platform uses Smart Engines AI solutions for credit card OCR

SignD, a leading KYC-provider that integrates 30 different onboarding, compliance, signature and payment functionalities, has deployed Smart Engines software for credit card scanning. The technology helps SignD customers conveniently and securely verify credit cards without manual data entry. Using AI-powered scanning allows SignD to read the data from credit cards: …


Meet Smart Engines’ SDKs v1.11.0 for automatic data capture by AI: 1974 ID types with 3010 unique templates supported

Smart Engines company released May’s upgrade for its own AI-powered products line-up. Smart ID Engine SDK v1.11.0 now supports 1974 document types with 3010 unique templates worldwide and has improved face matching accuracy. The new version also features multi-page document scanning mode for Smart Document Engine SDK v1.11.0, perfected data…


Smart Engines launched two new demo apps for Android and released the Smart Engines SDK 1.10.0

Smart Engines is proud to announce SDK 1.10.0 release along with the launch of two new demo applications for Android: Smart Code Engine and Smart Document Engine. We also have made a major update for Smart Engines demo app and updated the version for iOS as well. In the latest…


Cleaning company Idalika uses Smart ID Engine technology to speed up the recruitment process

Idalika, a company that provides cleaning services for transport and real estate facilities, has integrated the Smart Engines technology for secure ID scanning in SMART 24 mobile application. The Smart ID Engine OCR module is used to automatically enter data from documents in the hiring process. Idalika is a well-known…


2021 in Review: Smart Engines’ Top-44 breakthrough technologies and business achievements of the year

The developer of green AI technologies Smart Engines summarizes the results of commercial, product development and scientific activities of the past year. In 2021, Smart Engines processed 113 million scans and digital native documents and created a CO2-neutral AI for OCR. Graphic visual representations of our achievements can be found…


Smart Engines launched three new demo apps for iOS and released the Smart Engines SDK 1.9.0

Smart Engines is proud to announce SDK 1.9.0 release along with the launch of three new demo applications for iOS: Smart Engines, Smart Code Engine, and Smart Document Engine. In the latest version, SDK 1.9.0, we bring new modes for arbitrary document cropping and advanced cropping with automatic orientation. Also,…

Our customers

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Smart Engines technology helps Royal Caribbean Group streamline the guest boarding experience


Raiffeisenbank scans identity documents using Smart Engines technologies

Smart Engines rolls out its AI-driven software in super app

BioCollections Worldwide

BioCollections Worldwide speeds up patient data intake for COVID-19 testing with Smart Engines

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