18.01.2022 г.

2021 in Review: Smart Engines’ Top-44 breakthrough technologies and business achievements of the year

The developer of green AI technologies Smart Engines summarizes the results of commercial, product development and scientific activities of the past year. In 2021, Smart Engines processed 113 million scans and digital native documents and created a CO2-neutral AI for OCR. Graphic visual representations of our achievements can be found below.

Need for Speed

  • The speed of scanning credit cards is now twice as fast. A frame is now recognized in just 0.035 seconds.
  • The speed of QR-code scanning increased by 1.6 times, the number of unread codes was reduced by a third.
  • Scanning of ID documents speeded up by 40% over the year.
  • All neural networks accelerated by 40% due to the new 8-bit inference model.

Accuracy, Accuracy, and Accuracy

  • Increased document scanning accuracy: in 2021, the error rate was decreased by 15%.
  • Card number scanning accuracy reached 99.68%
  • Successful deployment of Smart Engines software in e-gates of International Airport Sheremetyevo for contactless border control on international flights.

Size matters

  • The integration of the Smart ID Engine into the mobile application configured for typical IDs increases it by no more than 10 mb.
  • The neural network models footprint was reduced by 30%.
  • Reduced memory footprint and configuration size for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.


  • The new version of Smart Code Engine allows scanning credit card data of 21 payment systems in a video stream and photos.
  • Added 316 new document types and 513 new templates.
  • Scanning 1,856 types of IDs, credit cards, and barcodes from 210 jurisdictions.

New Features

  • WebAssembly support: document scanning within a web page.
  • Debit and credit card scanning from photo and KYC mode for cards (with a partly hidden number).
  • Supports scanning and decoding of AAMVA barcodes.
  • Scanning of ID cards from both sides in a single session.
  • Support of Arabic and Persian ligatures.
  • Multiple barcodes scanning mode.
  • Three new demo apps for iOS and a new mobile demo app for Android.

Fraud prevention

Development of 12 integrated AI-based checks to detect digital and physical fraud identity documents in scans, photos, and video streams: Computation Document Forensic AI, Image Fraud AI, Pixel Fraud AI, Font Fraud AI, Text Fraud AI, Template Fraud AI, Photo Fraud AI, Data Fraud AI, Stamp&Seal Fraud AI, Liveness AI, Holo AI, Multispectral Fraud AI.


  • 113 million scans and digital native documents processed.
  • Company turnover in 2021 is 3.08 million euros.
  • The customer base grew by 26% compared to 2020.
  • Credit Europe Bank, Raiffeisenbank, Argos KYC, Caribbean Airlines, Emirates NBD, Folio ID, Kaspi, Oman Arab Bank, Royal Caribbean Group, SimplePayMe, SignD, Vodafone Qatar began to use Smart Engines’s software products.
  • Continued partnerships with Renaissance Insurance Group, Citibank, Ablera, iDenfy, Tessi, Travizory Border security.

Environmental Impact

  • Smart Engines scanning process made two times more CO2 neutral.
  • One scan leads to an emission of only 0.0001g CO2.
  • It only takes 15 trees to offset CO2 emissions from 113 million recognitions.

Science First

    Science First’s approach has provided comprehensive growth within the company:
  • Under the direction of Smart Engines’ scientists, ten undergraduate students got bachelor’s degrees, 13 employees got master’s degrees, and two researchers from within the company became Ph.Ds;
  • Published 26 scientific articles, including Q1-rated journals;
  • Presented 15 papers at international scientific symposiums, including topical conferences such as ICDAR 2021;
  • Cooperation with the Italian nanotechnology institute CNR-Nanotec.

Our customers

Argos KYC

Argos KYC partners AI-driven Smart Engines to reinforce identity verification

Emirates NBD

Emirates NBD uses state-of-the-art technologies when opening a bank account via its Mobile Banking App

Caribbean Airlines

Caribbean Airlines improves passenger onboarding in its app with passport scanning by Smart Engines


Smart Engines rolls out its AI-driven software in super app Kaspi.kz

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