14.11.2022 г.

Smart Engines triples the precision of the ID documents machine-readable zone scanner

Smart Engines has unveiled a new generation of Smart Code Engine 1.12.0, a system for scanning the credit cards, QR codes and other barcodes, and MRZ of ID documents. The solution is used for convenient data entry when making check-in, tax refund or payments in mobile applications and Internet banks on smartphones. The Machine Reading Zone (MRZ) recognition of passport, visa, ID is applied worldwide.

Starting from v1.12.0 Smart Code Engine integrates a unique high-performance platform developed by Smart Engines scientists. Smart Engines has fundamentally redesigned the AI-based algorithms and methods of MRZ detection and has achieved a significant improvement in MRZ detector performance, with error rates reduced by a factor of three, and a 10% increase in speed.

‘Sometimes it’s harder to find something than to recognise it. In the new version of the Smart Code Engine, we have completely redesigned the MRZ search algorithms. We now support MRZ scanning with a much wider range of scales, making the process as easy as possible for the user. Neither have we forgotten the precision of OCR by making it much better. As a result, the system is three times more accurate’, commented Smart Engines CEO Vladimir Arlazarov, PhD in Computer Science.

MRZ scanning is used in case of state border crossing, flight check-in, accommodation booking, hotel check-in and for remote customer identification procedures. The Smart Code Engine provides automatic retrieval and recognition of MRZ data, performed to ISO/ICAO standards (ISO/IEC 7501-1/ICAO Document 9303). The system also complies with custom national MRZ standards of France, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Kenya, Ecuador. Smart Code Engine recognises MRZ on passports, visas, ID cards, residents permit and other IDs and other documentation worldwide.

The Smart Code Engine implements GreenOCR® artificial intelligence technology. It allows affordable smartphones and mobile devices to identify MRZ without loss of performance.

The Smart Code Engine meets the highest standards of information security. The scanning process is carried out on-site without any data transfer. Smart Code Engine works offline and does not require transfer of any information to third parties or Mechanical turk-like services.

Raiffeisenbank, Dukascopy Bank, Vodafone Qatar, Kaspi.kz, Turkish Airlines, Caribbean Airlines, BlaBlaCar, other companies as well as Forbes Global 2000 List 2022 participants Emirates NBD and Royal Caribbean Group, trusts Smart Code Engine and Smart Engines technologies.

Our customers


Smart ID Engine is integrated into customer age verification platform VerifyMyAge


Japanese provider of IT services Smaregi has adopted mobile OCR by Smart Engines

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines uses Smart Engines’ ID scanning software

Vodafone Qatar

Vodafone Qatar uses Smart Engines’ technology for scanning ID card of Qatar

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