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Smart Code Engine

— automatic and eco-friendly credit and debit card scanner.


The card scanning of 21 worldwide and national payment systems, such as VISA, MasterCard, MIR, UnionPay, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, and more.


Smart Code Engine does not transfer any data or images. We do not save or store your data and do not require internet access.


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Try out Smart Engines technologies to scan credit and debit cards in photos and in a real-time video stream

How credit card scanning works

Smart Code Engine recognizes all types of cards: embossed, indent, and flat printed, with horizontal or portrait layout, with digits printed on the front or backside of the card, in standard or flexible bank card formats.


The Smart Code Engine automatically detects the card and recognizes all necessary data (OCR) at any angle. To increase reliability, we use video stream recognition directly from the camera. It allows our algorithms to automatically determine the moment when the most accurate result is achieved. Our AI software works even when the card is not entirely within the frame or exposed to poor lighting conditions.


The accuracy of the credit card number OCR reaches 99.68% at a speed of 0.035 seconds per frame on modern smartphones.

What do we provide?

We provide a Software Developer Kit (SDK) and all necessary descriptions, documentation, and usage examples for various programming languages. In addition, the card scanning API is available for developers, which helps integrate ID document scanning into the software in C, C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP, Swift, and Objective C.


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Green technologies
All credit card scanner apps with our SDK are eco-friendly. The unique GreenOCR® character recognition technology provides high precision with low energy consumption, allowing our customers to achieve carbon neutrality without compromising the user experience.

Security solutions
The Smart Code Engine uses the KYC guidelines for customer identification. In case of a presentation attack, our build-in AI models help our customers to prevent fraud by recognizing the fraud scheme. The entire process is carried out in the local RAM of the device. Consequently, we do not transfer, save or store any data or images and do not require internet access. Our card scanning software complies with worldwide safety regulations (GDPR, CCPA, PCI DSS).

Our credit card scanner SDK is distributed for mobile, desktop, web, and server apps providing high-speed and quality card scanning for different operating systems and processor microarchitectures. We support iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows families for ARMv7-v8, x86, x86_64, and MIPS-based processors and also provide WebAssembly SDK for scanning bank cards on web apps and websites.

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How card scanner works on a smartphone

1. Credit card scanning is performed fully automatically in real-time mode. To enter the bank card data in the Android or iOS app, the user needs to show it to the camera.


2. Our credit card scanner SDK automatically detects the card in the frame and understands all the numeric and alphabetic fields in the video stream, the user does not need to specify the card type.


3. Smart Code Engine allows scanning cards data in different lighting conditions — from cards with any images and even from worn cards with faded digits.


4. For mobile and internet payment acquiring services, it is possible to enter the customer’s bank card data when paying in the mobile app or on the website using a single photo.


5. To confirm operations, you can use Smart Engines solutions for ID documents recognition (ID card, passport, driver’s license) in mobile apps.


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Mobile credit card scanner SDK

The Smart Code Engine SDK allows you to turn an iOS or Android-based smartphone or tablet into an intelligent credit card scanner. Our original AI algorithms provide our customers with high-speed and autonomous credit card scanner of cards issued by standards of 21 payment systems. The Smart Code Engine SDK scans credit and debit cards at different angles and performs with high accuracy under various lighting conditions. The SDK can scan a credit card on a modern smartphone at an average speed of 35 ms per frame.


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Web credit card scanner SDK

Using WebAssembly (WASM) support, the Smart Code Engine credit and debit card scanner can be integrated into all modern devices with installed browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Chromium, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari), including smart TVs and consoles. The card scanner SDK does not require special applications or special plugins. The use of unique neural network architectures allows you to recognize video data obtained from low-end webcams with a minimum resolution of 640×480 pixels.

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Desktop credit card scanner SDK

Deep software and hardware optimization of the algorithms for various processor architectures allow the Smart Code Engine to autonomously scan debit and credit cards on any PC (including nettops and all-in-one PCs), thereby turning them into high-performance workstations for entering and processing photo and video data obtained from image capturing devices (webcams, scanners, special document readers, etc.). A wide range of software interfaces provides the possibility of native integration into most information systems.


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Server credit card scanner SDK

Thanks to thread safety and efficient resource management, the Smart Code Engine SDK allows you to implement scalable AI platforms for automatic data extraction from any type of bank card of 21 payment systems. Unique algorithms for automatic debit and credit cards identification and localization in images (scans, photos, and video data) allow you to automatically process heterogeneous streams of input images. The payment card recognition performance on modern computers (with an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X processor) reaches up to 100+ images per second for payments and KYC/CIP.


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    Our customers

    Vodafone Qatar

    Vodafone Qatar uses Smart Engines’ technology for scanning ID card of Qatar


    SignD Unified Onboarding Platform uses Smart Engines AI-solution to OCR credit cards


    Japanese provider of IT services Smaregi has adopted mobile OCR by Smart Engines

    Argos KYC

    Argos KYC partners AI-driven Smart Engines to reinforce identity verification

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    Please fill out the form to get more information about the products,pricing and trial SDK for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows.