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— instant credit card scanning software.


Smart Code Engine (previously known as Smart CardReader) scans and recognizes credit and debit cards of the main transnational and national payment systems worldwide. The following payment systems are supported: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Maestro, Union Pay, Diners Club, MIR. The technology provides an accurate and automatic recognition for banking cards of any types: embossed, indent and flat printed, with horizontal or portrait layout, with digits written on the front or backside of the card, in standard or flexible formats. Additional templates for gift cards, loyalty cards and discount cards are available on request.


Smart Code Engine SDK scans and recognizes debit and credit cards of various payment systems worldwide, securely extracts the card number (12-19 digits), the expiration date, the cardholder’s first and last name and EU IBAN card numbers. The user does not need to focus on the card during recognition – our AI algorithms detect the card at any angles and even when the card is not entirely within the capture frame. The Smart Code Engine credit card scanner is also resistant to poor lighting conditions and geometrical distortions. The accuracy of the credit card number reader reaches 99.68% at a speed of 0.04 seconds per frame. The important feature of the SDK is its compactness — the embedded packet size for Android and iOS apps is only 4.5 MB.


Since version 1.3.0, Smart Code Engine SDK can also recognize the visible part of a bank card number with a hidden central part. Such images are a standard way to attach bank cards in remote identification and identity verification (KYC) procedures. This functionality is available on request.


The credit card scanning is performed automatically, in real time, and on device — without any data transmission. It allows you to extract card data on devices with limited processing power: smartphones (Android, iOS), tablets, thin clients, data collection and mobile terminals etc. At the same time, high-performance software allows you to create commercial solutions which process thousands of scans, photos and video sequences per second.


Smart Code Engine bank card scanning SDK does NOT transfer data and images to Smart Engines, third-party services and/or third parties for manual or other processing and does NOT save or store them (the recognition process is performed in the local RAM memory of the device) and does NOT require internet access. The recognition SDK is a GDPR, CCPA, PCI DSS compliant solution. The technology delivers a next-level user experience and security when entering bank card data for payments and money transfers in mobile apps. Our technologies are successfully implemented in Tinkoff Bank, Post Bank, MKB, MTS Bank and Home Credit Bank.

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Developed by our scientists and engineers within the framework of Green AI initiative, GreenOCR® technology provides superior recognition quality and speed with minimal energy consumption and environmental impact.


Our latest achievements in computational intelligence and deep learning allowed us to create next-generation OCR technologies and set a new benchmark of computer vision quality. The accuracy of the credit card number scanner reaches 99.68%.


Card types &layouts
The bank card scanning SDK detects and extracts the card number, the expiration date and the cardholder’s first and last name from various cards and print types. These are embossed, indent and flat printed cards, cards with horizontal or portrait layouts, with digits written on the front or backside of the card, in standard or flexible formats.

The highest performance is achieved by combining computer vision algorithms and 8-bit neural network architectures. The entire card recognition process takes less than 0.04 seconds per frame with a smartphone.


Our autonomous software guarantees that the bank card data is not transferred and is not stored anywhere during recognition process. The whole recognition process is run directly on end-user devices in offline mode without data transmission to the server. Smart Code Engine SDK does NOT break PA DSS/PCI DSS compliance.


Smart ID Engine algorithms detect the card in the frame, automatically define the card type and extract data. The user does NOT need to focus the camera on the credit card during the recognition and select the camera angles, we have made the system that makes life easier for the client.

To increase the reliability, we use video stream recognition which comes directly from the camera. It allows our algorithms to automatically determine the moment when the most accurate result is achieved.


Supported payment systems
Our solution recognizes credit and debit cards issued according to the payment system standards UnionPay, Mastercard, VISA, American Express, JCB, Maestro, Diners Club, MIR and extracts the card number (from 12 to 19 digits). Smart Code Engine extracts data from embossed, indent and flat printed cards. EU IBAN cards and cards with vertical ID data alignment are also recognized.


The highest performance is achieved due to computer vision algorithms and compact deep neural networks. The entire card recognition process takes less than 0.04 seconds per frame with a smartphone (Android or iOS).

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How it works

1. Data recognition is performed in a real-time mode. To enter the bank card data in the mobile app, the user needs to show it to the camera.


2. The program detects the card and automatically recognizes all the numeric and alphabetic fields in the video stream, the user does not need to specify the card type.


3. Smart Code Engine (previously known as Smart CardReader) extracts data in different lighting conditions, from cards with any images and even from worn cards with faded digits.


4. For mobile and internet payment acquiring services, it is possible to enter the customer’s bank card data when paying in the mobile app or on the website using a single photograph.


5. To confirm operations, you can use Smart Engines solutions for ID documents recognition (ID card, passport, driver’s license) in mobile apps.


Our SDK is easy to integrate into applications using Objective-C, Swift, C, C++, Java, C#, PHP and Python interfaces for a wide range of systems: iOS, Android, Sailfish Mobile, Aurora OS, Linux, Windows, macOS, Solaris, etc. For easy embedding, wrappers for React and Flutter are also available for mobile app developers.


The SDK provides a rich set of examples in different programming languages for each operating system.



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    Our customers

    Emirates NBD

    Emirates NBD uses state-of-the-art technologies when opening a bank account via its Mobile Banking App

    2e Systems

    2e Systems use Smart Engines technologies in solutions for the airline industry.


    Moneza (part of TWINO Group) integrated Smart ID Engine to automate user onboarding and customer identification


    Sum&Substance, a global KYC/AML service provider, use Smart ID Engine for IDs scanning

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