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Smart Code Engine — fast, secure and eco-friendly debit and credit card scanner by AI-based software


Smart Code Engine SDK is the AI-powered solution for scanning credit and debit cards from around the world. With support for 21 payment systems, our bank card scanner SDK can automatically scan any type of card, including embossed, indent, and flat printed cards, with horizontal or portrait layouts, and with digits printed on either side.


Our credit card scanning SDK is GDPR, CCPA, and PCI DSS compliant, ensuring that your data is secure and meets all relevant regulations. With an impressive accuracy rate of 99.68% for credit card number OCR and a processing speed of just 0.035 seconds per frame on modern smartphones, you can trust our SDK to deliver a next-level user experience.


Compactness is another key feature of our card scanner SDK – with an embedded packet size of just 4.5 MB for Android and iOS apps, it won’t take up too much space on your devices. Our SDK can securely extract essential information such as the card number, expiration date, cardholder’s first and last name, and EU IBAN card numbers from credit and debit cards across various payment systems worldwide.


With support for credit cards issued by major providers such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and many others, the Smart Code Engine SDK is the ultimate tool for developers and businesses looking to streamline payment processes while ensuring data security. Get started with our SDK today and experience the future of credit and debit card scanning.

Private & Secure credit card scanning software

Smart Engines software:


  • Runs 100% on-premise/on-device
  • High-level security standards of personal data processing — GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements KYC in CIP and AML
  • Does NOT transfer the client’s data to third-party services and/or third parties for manual processing
  • Does NOT save or store it — the recognition process is performed in the local RAM of the device
  • Does NOT require internet access.

User- & Eco-friendly credit card scanner by Smart Code Engine

The user does not need to focus on the card to scan credit cards – our advances in Green AI algorithms made the card scanner truly automatic and autonomous. The user needs only to point the camera to the bank card. The credit card scanner SDK automatically detects the card at any angle and works even when the card is not entirely within the frame, then OCRs all necessary data on the fly.


The Smart Code Engine credit card scanner is also resistant to poor lighting conditions and perspective distortions and can accurately scan worn cards. The credit card scanning is performed automatically, in real-time, and on-device — from video or a single photo.


For KYC/CIP Smart Code Engine SDK can also scan the visible part of a bank card number with a hidden central part. Such images are a standard way to attach bank cards in remote identification and identity verification (KYC) procedures. Build-in presentation attack detection AI models help our customers to fight fraud. This functionality is available by request and additional charge.

Who already use Smart Engines’ scanning software

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Try out Smart Engines technologies to scan credit and debit cards in photos and in a real-time video stream

Card scanning in Web applications

Fully automatic credit card scanning in web apps and browsers for real-time payment data entry. Reduces friction in the payment processes for e-shopping, online services, gaming, and gambling.


Our state-of-the-art approaches to the video stream recognition process, based on the syntactic and geometric integration of frame shots, allow you to achieve a high-quality result in a blink with unprecedented quality.


Proprietary GreenOCR character recognition technology brings high quality with low power consumption, allowing our customers to achieve carbon neutrality without compromising the user experience.

Omnichannel Deployment

Using our Green AI-empowered private GreenOCR® technology allows our bank card scanner SDK to make OCR credit card data on devices with limited processing power: from cheap smartphones (Android, iOS) to tablets, thin clients, data collection terminals, etc. At the same time, high-performance software allows you to create commercial solutions which process thousands of scans, photos, and video sequences per second.


Mobile SDK

The Smart Code Engine SDK allows you to turn an iOS or Android-based mobile device into an high-quality credit card scanner.

More about Mobile SDK

In-browser SDK

Automated credit card scanning in a webcam video stream in real-time for automatic data input in CIP KYC, AML, and other customer identification tasks

More about Web SDK

Desktop SDK

A wide range of software interfaces provides the possibility of native integration into most information systems.

More about Desktop SDK

Server SDK

Smart Code Engine SDK allows you to implement scalable AI platforms for automatic data extraction from credit cards

More about Server SDK

How card scanner works on a smartphone

1. Credit card scanning is performed fully automatically in real-time mode. To enter the bank card data in the Android or iOS app, the user needs to show it to the camera.


2. Our credit card scanner SDK automatically detects the card in the frame and understands all the numeric and alphabetic fields in the video stream, the user does not need to specify the card type.


3. Smart Code Engine allows scanning cards data in different lighting conditions — from cards with any images and even from worn cards with faded digits.


4. For mobile and internet payment acquiring services, it is possible to enter the customer’s bank card data when paying in the mobile app or on the website using a single photo.


5. To confirm operations, you can use Smart Engines solutions for ID documents recognition (ID card, passport, driver’s license) in mobile apps.


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What do we provide?

We provide a Software Developer Kit (SDK) and all necessary descriptions, documentation, and usage examples for various programming languages. In addition, the card scanning API is available for developers, which helps integrate credit card scanning into the software in C, C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP, Swift, Objective C and use React Native and Flutter frameworks.


The product is available for mobile applications for Android or iOS, desktop applications for Windows, Linux, and macOS, web applications or server-based solutions.

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    Our customers

    Oman Arab Bank

    Smart Engines helps to implement Digital User Onboarding at Oman Arab Bank

    Argos KYC

    Argos KYC partners AI-driven Smart Engines to reinforce identity verification

    BioCollections Worldwide

    BioCollections Worldwide speeds up patient data intake for COVID-19 testing with Smart Engines


    SignD Unified Onboarding Platform uses Smart Engines AI-solution to OCR credit cards

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    Please fill out the form to get more information about the products,pricing and trial SDK for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows.