17.06.2022 г.

Meet Smart Engines’ SDKs v1.11.0 for automatic data capture by AI: 1974 ID types with 3010 unique templates supported

Smart Engines company released May’s upgrade for its own AI-powered products line-up. Smart ID Engine SDK v1.11.0 now supports 1974 document types with 3010 unique templates worldwide and has improved face matching accuracy. The new version also features multi-page document scanning mode for Smart Document Engine SDK v1.11.0, perfected data capture accuracy for all types of bank cards for Smart Code Engine SDK v1.11.0 and enhanced OCR for Arabic, Armenian, Georgian, Hebrew and Sinhala scripts for all products. Lightweight SDK with a simple API facilitates ease of integration into web, mobile, desktop and server applications.

Smart Engines® provides since 2016 automatic data capture tools for remote onboarding process and customer identification program (CIP) for banks, insurance, telecom, fintech, travel, gaming, marketplaces, online trading platforms, and other e-commerce projects.

Important advantage of Smart Engines software is enhanced user experience, compliance with the individual rights and freedoms, high-level security standards of personal data processing — GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, compliance with regulatory requirements KYC in CIP and AML, and minimization of environmental impact (Green AI).

Smart ID Engine 1.11.0   

* Perfected recognition accuracy for Sinhala, Hebrew, Arabic, Armenian and Georgian scripts
* Improved recognition of Brazil ID documents
* Refined face matching accuracy
* 43 ID document types added, which were not supported previously:
  – Cook Islands driver’s license
  – Armenia residence permit
  – Benin residence permit
  – Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba driver’s  license and ID card
  – Burkina Faso residence permit
  – Bahamas residence permit
  – Bermuda ID card, voter card, and work permit
  – Bhutan  driver’s license
  – Botswana residence permit
  – Congo (Democratic Republic) residence permit
  – Congo residence permit
  – Colombia residence permit
  – Costa Rica residence permit
  – Egypt residence permit
  – Ethiopia  driver’s  license and ID card
  – Fiji voter card
  – Saint Martin (French part) driver’s  license
  – Sint Maarten (Dutch part) driver’s  license
  – Micronesia driver’s  license
  – Gabon residence permit
  – Gambia residence permit
  – Guinea-Bissau driver’s  license and ID card
  – Equatorial Guinea driver’s  license and residence permit
  – Honduras residence permit
  – Indonesia residence permit
  – Iceland ID card
  – Kenya driver’s  license and residence permit
  – Cambodia residence permit and work permit
  – Kiribati ID card
  – Republic of Korea residence permit
  – Lao driver’s  license
  – Liberia driver’s  license
  – Liechtenstein residence permit
  – Lesotho driver’s  license
  – Madagascar driver’s  license
  – Maldives driver’s  license and work permit
  – Namibia driver’s  license
  – Niue driver’s  license
  – Chad driver’s  license
  – Trinidad and Tobago residence permit
  – Taiwan driver’s  license
  – Uganda residence permit
  – Yemen ID card

* 15 new document subtypes added:
  – Angola residence permit
  – Australia ID card (Western Australia)
  – Belgium passport
  – Brazil ID card
  – UK driver’s  license
  – Iran passport
  – Kyrgyzstan driver’s  license
  – Cambodia driver’s  license
  – Kuwait driver’s  license
  – Morocco driver’s  license
  – Nepal driver’s  license
  – Philippines ID card
  – Saudi Arabia passport
  – Ukraine driver’s  license
  – USA driver’s  license (Colorado, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands)

Smart Code Engine 1.11.0 

* Improved OCR accuracy for all types of credit cards
* Improved MRZ recognition accuracy in video stream and in photos
* Improved detection of linear barcodes
* Improved reading accuracy for CODE39, CODE93, CODE128 and ITF
* Improved DataMatrix scanning speed

Smart Document Engine 1.11.0 

* Added configuration models protection (*.se instead of *.zip)
* Multi-page mode added for supporting multi-page flexible documents
* Improved recognition accuracy for Arabic, Armenian, Georgian, Hebrew and Sinhala scripts
* Automatic type identification for flexible form is now added
* 6 new types of documents and forms added, including Armenian certificate of public service number (Տեղեկանք հանրային ծառայությունների համարանիշ հատկացնելու մասին).

Due to security and privacy reasons Smart Engines software runs on-premise or on-device and performs OCR in real time, does not require a network connection, the presence of graphics processors (GPU) or powerful computing resources on the customer’s side.

Our customers

Vodafone Qatar

Vodafone Qatar uses Smart Engines’ technology for scanning ID card of Qatar


Japanese provider of IT services Smaregi has adopted mobile OCR by Smart Engines

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Smart Engines technology helps Royal Caribbean Group streamline the guest boarding experience


Smart Engines rolls out its AI-driven software in super app Kaspi.kz

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