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Our comprehensive range of smart vision engines – software for scanning and data extraction, delivers an unparalleled set of market-leading benefits across all major platforms and operating systems.

High performance of our algorithms is maintained through continuous R&D by leading scientists in image analysis, document recognition, and combinatorial algorithms.

The software works in a multitude of tough capturing conditions, on any device and on any OS.

Smart ID Engine

Recognition of various identity documents, including passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses, visas, residence permits, vehicle documents, and more. Works on a mobile phone, tablet, or server, on photos and scans of documents, regardless of their quality, as well in the video stream from a web or smartphone camera, robust to capturing conditions.

id documents enginge by Smart Engines

Scan ID cards

Our specialist ID data capture module offers sophisticated document analysis and recognition technology for an ever expanding range of identity documents from numerous countries. Whether a mobile ID scanner or a high-load server system, Smart ID Engine significantly minimizes manual data entry.

Today the system provides flawless recognition of more than 100 types of ID cards from different countries all over the world, and this list is constantly growing.

id documents enginge by Smart Engines

Scan passports

Smart ID Engine is designed for photo analysis, recognizing Visual Inspection Zones of Passports for 210 jurisdictions worldwide, scanning fields including MRZ, and cross-verifying repeated fields to minimize OCR error rate and the risk of passport fraud.

id documents enginge by Smart Engines

Scan driving licenses

Smart ID Engine extracts and verifies data such as name, document number, birth date, and expiry date from international driving licenses.

Smart Code Engine

Recognition of data from codified objects. Captures MRZ (machine-readable zone), bank cards, barcodes, and license plates using a smartphone’s camera, on the fly. Works in mobile applications (on-device) and photographs, regardless of lighting conditions, even with unclear shots.

id documents enginge by Smart Engines

Scan bank cards

Smart Code Engine is a specialized software module for the optical recognition of debit and credit card data, supporting embossed and indent-printed cards issued by VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, MIR, Maestro, UnionPay and Diners Club.

It takes just seconds to produce a high-quality scan complete with the card number, expiry date and cardholder name – all processed on the device itself in real-time.

When using the technology, the user has not to aim with the phone – our AI finds the card itself, even if not all edges are visible or the user rotates. Smart Code Engine can proceed cards in portrait or landscape orientations, and even when the data is printed on the backside in free format.

id documents enginge by Smart Engines

Scan barcodes

Smart Code Engine wirelessly recognizes barcodes in both video streams and still imagery. The general SDK interface is able to recognize one- and two-dimensional barcode types such as QR code, PDF-417, AZTEC, Data Matrix, Code-39, EAN-13, UPC-A and more.

id documents enginge by Smart Engines

Scan MRZ

Smart Code Engine quickly scans the Machine-Readable Zones (MRZ) on standard international ICAO Doc 9303 documents such as passports, travel documents, and machine-readable visas. The technology also supports a range of non-standard issues such as French ID cards, Bulgarian vehicle registration certificates, Swiss driving licenses and Russian internal passports.

OCR bank card reader by Smart Engines

Smart Document Engine

Automatic extraction of data from business documents (KYC questionnaires, applications, tests and etc), administrative papers (accounting documents, corporate reports and other business forms and documents), and government forms (financial statements, insurance policies, etc). Recognizes scans and photographs taken in natural conditions.

Smart Document Engine allows to capture and extract the required data from various document types, such as standard forms, reporting forms (such as tax declarations), accounting, financial, legal, notarial documentation, and other structured and semi-structured documents. The system is able to process single and multi-page documents with fixed, as well as flexible layouts, such as questionnaires and tests with tables, inscriptions and unstructured information blocks.

OCR bank card reader by Smart Engines
OCR licence plate engine by Smart Engines

Smart Tomo Engine

Algorithmization of the image reconstruction process directly in the process of X-ray tomographic scanning. Our aspiration is to reduce the radiation dose received during the exposure by finding the optimal termination point of scanning, when the image quality required for medical diagnostics is reached.

Tomographic reconstruction. Computational visualization with automatic processing functions and semantic analysis of results.

Test Drive Our Smart Engines

Free demo apps allow you to experience the power of Smart Engines software for intelligent document scanning in a real-world context.

Why not experience the power of Smart Engines for yourself? Our demo apps allow you to test the capabilities of our identity document recognition software on mobile devices in videostream or in a single image (photo, scan).

Simply display any document to the camera in real-time or choose a photo from the gallery, and the app will recognize and capture the necessary data.

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id documents enginge by Smart Engines
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