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ID document scanning SDK

Document data scanning from ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, vehicle registration certificates (VRC), visas, birth certificates, insurance cards, and other documents. Supports scanning of over 2302 types of identity documents of 210+ territories and entities worldwide. Works on a mobile phone, tablet, or server, web camera, with photos and scans of documents, as well as in the video stream from a web or smartphone camera, regardless of their quality, and is robust to capturing conditions.

Data extraction and document capturing solutions

Automated data entry of government, legal, and business documents: fixed forms, semi-structured and unstructured documents (primary accounting documents, KYC forms, consent forms to the personal data processing, applications, tax certificates, balance sheets, P&L statements, payment orders) from scans and photos taken in natural conditions, including automated document classification, text fields recognition, checking the presence of stamps and signatures and document package consistency checks.

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Smart Engines reported on the scientific activity in the AI field in 2023

In 2023, Smart Engines, a market leader in the recognition of documents, reported significant scientific achievements. The organization’s researchers published 41 science papers in international academic editions and obtained 6 patents. Additionally, they presented over 20 reports at various conferences and made several scientific discoveries. Four scientific articles  were published…


Smart Engines has introduced technology that allows facial verification without biometrics

Scientists from Smart Engines have presented a new artificial intelligence-based technology that can be used to authenticate users. This technology is particularly relevant due to the recent European Union AI regulation law. On March 13, the European Union approved the Artificial Intelligence Act, a world-first comprehensive regulation for AI systems.…


Smart Engines has created an AI for multi-object recognition and protection against fraudsters

The Smart Engines company has introduced an AI capable of recognizing many documents in a single frame, up to dozens. This new system will help banks, microfinance organizations, and other fintech companies not only streamline the customer journey through the identification process but also protect themselves from fraudulent attacks. It…


Scientists from Smart Engines have trained AI to check authenticity of passports from all countries

Scientists from the AI-company Smart Engines have trained an AI to detect passport forgeries from all countries and jurisdictions in the world. The anti-fraud system is able to check not only the photo page, but also all pages of documents. The AI solution with patented algorithms will help reduce the…

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    Our customers


    Travizory Border Security selected Smart Engines product for identification documents scanning


    Sum&Substance, a global KYC/AML service provider, use Smart ID Engine for IDs scanning

    Vodafone Qatar

    Vodafone Qatar uses Smart Engines’ technology for scanning ID card of Qatar


    SignD Unified Onboarding Platform uses Smart Engines AI-solution to OCR credit cards

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