Fast and precise data extraction

from photos, scans, or live video, with no data transfer.

Products and solutions

ID document scanning and recognition

Document data recognition from passports, driver’s licenses, vehicle registration certificates (VRC), visas, birth certificates, insurance cards and other documents. Supports over 1600 types of identity documents of 210+ territories worldwide. Works on a mobile phone, tablet, or server, web camera, with photos and scans of documents, as well as in the video stream from a web or smartphone camera, regardless of their quality, and is robust to capturing conditions.

Smart ID Engine

Data extraction and document capturing solutions

Automated recognition and data entry of fixed forms, semi-structured and unstructured documents (primary accounting documents, KYC forms, consent forms to the personal data processing, applications, tax certificates, balance sheets, P&L statements, payment orders) from scans and photos taken in natural conditions, including automated document classification, text fields recognition, checking the presence of stamps and signatures and document package consistency checks.




Our customers





Credit Europe Bank improves usability of payments in a mobile app with scanning technology by Smart Engines

Member of FIBA Group, Credit Europe Bank (Russia) Ltd. has integrated a software product Smart Code Engine for QR codes scanning in a mobile app. With its help, bank customers are able to make various payments by QR codes, such as bills, invoices, receipts and fines.


Smart Engines introduced the “Responsible Artificial Intelligence Doctrine”

As part of the 2nd cooperation Forum organized by the National Network of the UN Global Compact in the section » What modern business problems do SDG-oriented tools solve?” CEO of Smart Engines Dr. Vladimir Arlazarov made a presentation «Responsible Artificial Intelligence Doctrine».


Meet Smart Engines SDK 1.3.0: borders expansion and improvements

With the beginning of the spring, our company is also flourishing. Smart Engines, launching Smart Code Engine, Smart ID Engine and Smart Document Engine 1.3.0, continues working with various forms and, therefore, increases the number of international document types for its processing. New SDK versions, based on the slogan —…


Two high-end AI companies have launched a next-gen identity document scanner

Robot maker Promobot and computer vision solutions developer Smart Engines reached an agreement of rolling out a device that allows filling forms quickly and efficiently using high-end document recognition. The state-of-the-art product is named Promobot Scanner. The cooperation agreement between Promobot and Smart Engines is designed for three years.



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    Our customers

    Oman Arab Bank

    Smart Engines helps to implement Digital User Onboarding at Oman Arab Bank


    Beeline improves convenience & speed of online shopping experience with automatic registration


    Rosbank has implemented an artificial intelligence solution for the paperwork


    Smart ID Engine is integrated into customer age verification platform VerifyMyAge

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