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Our comprehensive range of OCR engines delivers an unparalleled set of market-leading benefits across all major platforms and operating systems.

High performance of our algorithms is maintained through continuous R&D by leading scientists in image analysis, document recognition, and combinatorial algorithms.

The software works in a multitude of tough capturing conditions, on any device and on any OS.

id documents enginge by Smart Engines

id engine

High performance precision. Smart Engines offers a range of special OCR software modules custom-made for recognition and capturing data from a huge variety of international documents.

The identification of digits or letters is just the first step towards achieving the true potential of OCR technology. Our system moves far, far beyond merely separating shapes and objects from backgrounds.

id card engine

Our specialist ID data capture module offers sophisticated document analysis and recognition technology for an ever expanding range of identity documents from numerous countries. Whether a mobile ID scanner or a high-load server system, ID Card Engine significantly minimises manual data entry.

ID Card Engine is ideal for governmental and large B2B organisations where more detailed analysis is required beyond scanning Machine-Readable Zones (MRZ).

passport engine

Passport Engine is designed for photo analysis, recognising Visual Inspection Zones, scanning fields including MRZ, and cross-verifying repeated fields to minimise OCR error rate and the risk of passport fraud.

Passport Engine is ideal for the airline industry (to prevent fraud and collect all the information requires for ticket sales), financial institutions and public organisations.

driving licence engine

Driving License Engine extracts and verifies data such as name, document number, birth date, and expiry date from international driving licenses.

Driving License Engine is perfect for insurance companies, revolutionising the way field agents capture data to minimise the time wasted on data entry. It is also highly suitable for use by car sharing schemes and law enforcement agencies.

id documents enginge by Smart Engines

mrz engine

MRZ Engine quickly scans the Machine-Readable Zones (MRZ) on standard international ICAO Doc 9303 documents such as passports, travel documents, and machine-readable visas. The technology also supports a range of non-standard issues such as French ID cards, Bulgarian vehicle registration certificates, Swiss driving licences and Russian internal passports.

By quickly and accurately capturing MRZ data from any document on any mobile, desktop or in-house server platform, MRZ Engine is perfectly suited to organisations that need to enter basic ID card and passport data such as first and last names, document numbers and birth dates.


Accuracy powers autonomy. Our innovative OCR SDK modules quickly and accurately capture data from barcodes.

Barcode Engine wirelessly recognises barcodes in both video streams and still imagery. The general SDK interface is able to recognise one- and two-dimensional barcode types such as QR code, PDF-417, AZTEC, CODE-39, EAN-13, UPC-A and more.

Streamlines online and in-store payments for retailers and supports customer service for financial institutions by allowing customers to scan and pay bills easily, anywhere.

OCR bank card reader by Smart Engines

bank card

Complete mobility. Full security. With the simple opening of a mobile OCR SDK, our Bank Card module instantly turns Android and iOS devices into mobile credit card scanners.

Bank Card Engine is a specialised software module for the optical recognition of debit and credit card data, supporting embossed and indent-printed cards issued by VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Maestro, Union Pay and Mir.

It takes just seconds to produce a high-quality scan complete with card number, expiry date and cardholder name – all processed on the device itself in real-time.

Bank Card Engine is the choice of financial institutions, airlines, and retailers who wish to simplify the mobile payment process while maintaining procedural security.

OCR licence plate engine by Smart Engines

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Industries: Government & Public Sector

licence plate

Innovation at the speed of science. An industrial-grade license plate scanner supports still images and video stream with exceptional precision.

License Plate Engine is a high-speed, high-precision and exceptionally high-quality vehicle license plate scanner. Capable of supporting both still images and video stream, our industry-grade optical character recognition software is equally effective for use on the server-side, such as CCTV input, as well as in mobile situations for agents in the field.

License Plate Engine supports the automatisation of parking and toll roads systems, and also plays an essential role within law enforcement agencies and insurance companies. It recognises car licence plates from countries including the Russian Federation, Japan, China, and Mexico with many more being added on a regular basis.

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Industries: Government & Public Sector

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id documents enginge by Smart Engines
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id documents enginge by Smart Engines