Automatic, privacy and eco-friendly document scanning and OCR

from photos, scans, or live video, with no data transfer

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ID document scanning SDK

Document data scanning from ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, vehicle registration certificates (VRC), visas, birth certificates, insurance cards, and other documents. Supports scanning of over 2302 types of identity documents of 210+ territories and entities worldwide. Works on a mobile phone, tablet, or server, web camera, with photos and scans of documents, as well as in the video stream from a web or smartphone camera, regardless of their quality, and is robust to capturing conditions.

Data extraction and document capturing solutions

Automated data entry of government, legal, and business documents: fixed forms, semi-structured and unstructured documents (primary accounting documents, KYC forms, consent forms to the personal data processing, applications, tax certificates, balance sheets, P&L statements, payment orders) from scans and photos taken in natural conditions, including automated document classification, text fields recognition, checking the presence of stamps and signatures and document package consistency checks.

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AI developer Smart Engines releases a 15% smaller mobile SDK for ID scanning

Smart Engines has unveiled a new generation of Smart ID Engine v2.0.0, a system for scanning ID cards, passports, and driving licences. The developers have fundamentally redesigned the AI-based algorithms. This resulted in a 15% reduction in package size and a 30% reduction in RAM consumption in any mode, which…


Smart Engines secures US patent for an innovative method of visual AI

Smart Engines researchers have been awarded a US patent for a proprietary development. The invention significantly improves the performance of neural network architectures used for image recognition. The authors of the invention are Alexander Sheshkus, Senior Researcher-Programmer at Smart Engines; Vladimir Arlazarov, PhD in Computer Science, CEO of Smart Engines;…


Smart Engines launches AI scanner for handwritten credit card numbers

Smart Engines has launched an AI solution for reading credit card numbers recorded in any format. Banking customers simply point their smartphone camera at a printed or handwritten credit card number to make a transfer or pay for a purchase at a point of sale. The neural network recognises the…


Smart Engines registers US patent for document recognition system

Scientists of AI-company Smart Engines have patented a system of efficient localization and identification of documents in images in the U.S. on February 7, 2023. The authors of the invention are Smart Engines computer vision scientist Natalya Skoryukina, Smart Engines CEO PhD in Computer Science Vladimir Arlazarov and Smart Engines CTO PhD in Physics and Mathematics Dmitry Nikolaev…

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    Our customers

    Vodafone Qatar

    Vodafone Qatar uses Smart Engines’ technology for scanning ID card of Qatar


    Smart ID Engine is integrated into customer age verification platform VerifyMyAge

    Turkish Airlines

    Turkish Airlines uses Smart Engines’ ID scanning software

    Emirates NBD

    Emirates NBD uses state-of-the-art technologies when opening a bank account via its Mobile Banking App

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    Please fill out the form to get more information about the products,pricing and trial SDK for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows.