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Smart Engines is leading the way to a new era of mobility, channelling the latest scientific knowledge into world-class document recognition systems that meet the challenges of the digital revolution.
Smart Engines Limited specialises in researching artificial intelligence – with a particular expertise in computer vision software.

Our class-leading AI-based recognition systems support public and private organisations worldwide by significantly improving business processes through superior document scanning and analysis.

We combine a customer-first mindset, a relentless focus on research and development, and a determination to leave expectations in the wake of our cutting-edge innovation. The highest performance, powered by science.

Smart Engines was founded by an elite group of scientists from the world-renowned Russian Academy of Sciences. Under the leadership of Professor Vladimir L. Arlazarov, the team brings together unrivalled expertise in fields such as image processing, technical vision, machine learning, graph theory, chess theory, document processing and optimisation.

The goal? Quite simply, to apply state-of-the-art scientific thinking to the creation and perfection of software that effortlessly handles the most demanding real-world challenges in computer vision, image processing and machine learning.

The Brains Behind Smart Engines

16 PhDs. Regularly published by international journals. Even the ever first computer program to win a world chess championship. Smart Engines has a long track record at the forefront of science.
Smart Engines currently employs more than 60 researchers and engineers, 16 of whom hold a PhD degree with the highest honours. We can trace our scientific activities back to the days of the old USSR, when one of our founders developed the computer program to became the first World Computer Chess Champion. In addition to developing innovative computer vision products and solutions, the Smart Engines team regularly publishes scientific papers in internationally respected journals and is well known in the scientific community as a leader in the field of artificial intelligence.

Vladimir V. Arlazarov, PhD

Chief Executive Officer – Head of Laboratory

Associate professor at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Ph.D. in Technical Sciences on Development, Application of Recognition Systems and Data Mining. Author of over 60 patents and scientific publications on AI. Has been working in the IT field since 1997, leading and managing over 70 projects related to creation and embedding of document recognition systems for Pension Funds, Ministries, Banks, Public Transportation and Oil & Gas companies. Several generations of industrial OCR and document capture systems were developed under his leadership, including the industrial system for identity documents recognition. 

Contact: vva@smartengines.com
Science-related questions: vva777@ieee.org

Vladimir L. Arlazarov, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer – Honorary Chairman

Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor

Worldwide known scientist, Professor Vladimir L. Arlazarov is a member-correspondent of the prestigious Russian Academy of Sciences and the Head of System Programming Lab of the Institute of Systems Analysis FRC CSC RAS. His research interests relied on system programming, game theory and artificial intelligence. He has developed the IBM based Kaissa, the world’s first Computer Chess Champion. The author and inventor of the method, which became a classic, known as “Method of Four Russians” – a computer science technique for speeding up algorithms involving Boolean matrices. Vladimir L. Arlazarov is the founding father of Smart Engines. More detailed information can be found on Wikipedia.

Dmitry P. Nikolaev, PhD

Associate Professor at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Chief Technical Officer

The Technical Director of Smart Engines. Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Mathematics & Physics on Algorithms for Colour Segmentation Applicable for Scenes with Complex Illumination. Has worked in South Korea at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT). Leading engineer in image processing, machine vision and pattern recognition fields, he is also the author of more than 180 scientific publications and a charismatic university lecturer. Creative scientific visionary, Dmitry has invented several systems and technologies for internal passport recognition and video classification of vehicles.

Sergey Usilin, PhD

Chief Operating Officer

Master in Applied Mathematics & Physics from MIPT. Expert in bespoke project coordination, leads integration projects with emphasis on human-computer interaction, document processing and automation. Since 2010 he has been overseeing the company analysis and information processing.

Nikita V. Arlazarov, MSc

Chief Financial Officer

MSc Metallurgy engineering and MSc Corporate Finance – responsible for the company’s accounting, financial planning and analysis, investor relations, internal audit and tax functions. Nikita has been working closely with Smart Engines senior leadership for more than 7 years. Over the last decade he took part in many projects as a Finance Controller.

Dea Malyuka,  MSc

Head of Communications & Digital Marketing Manager

Dea is the Digital Marketing and Communications Manager at Smart Engines. At the company, she is in charge of creating and managing marketing campaigns and maintaining social media presence across all digital channels. Her academic background in international business, and several years of practical experience with marketing high-tech products are fueled by her interest in intelligent technologies, and understanding the nuances of cross-cultural mass communication. Dea holds a Master’s degree in International Business from Loughborough University, UK.

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