Regularization? Orthogonalization! Perfecting compact nets

While other companies are busy discussing the staff management problems when working from home, we, at Smart Engines, keep sharing the technology stack with our readers. Today we’ll be talking about optimization of neural networks. It’s quite challenging to create a recognition system based on neural networks that will work…


The algorithm for line suppression in an image as a means of improving the tomographic reconstruction quality

Today we’d like to return to the subject of tomography which is one of our main focuses here, at Smart Engines. And we’ll be talking about the algorithm for lines suppression in a tomographic image. The lines in a tomographic sinogram would be of no importance since the doctors and…


About one funny approach to unimodal signal filtering

This tool can be applied effectively for noisy signal filtering using a priori knowledge about a unimodal signal. When the expected structure of a signal is identified except for a few unknown parameters, offline signal filtering consists of solving the approximation problem. For example, if we know that the signal…


What is OCR? More importantly, what is OCR in the mobile world?

Simply speaking, OCR — optical character recognition — is a process of converting an image with text into textual information. It is a process of data digitization. Sometimes, new names, such as intelligent character recognition (ICR) or business card recognition (BCR) are used for some specific OCR tasks. First OCR…


Method of projective transformations graph adjustment for improving quality of panorama image stitching

Today we’ll be talking about an approach that can be used to improve the quality of panorama image stitching. There is a widely used method of panorama stitching for images of two-dimensional objects, but it has its disadvantages. That’s why we’d like to propose our own improved version of this…


Quantitative assessment of cupping effect in tomographic images

As you already know, we specialize in image processing here, at Smart Engines. Not so long ago we published an article about binarization of fine-structure tomographic images where we attempted to explain what the x-ray tomography method is about. Today we’ll continue talking about the possible challenges that arise when…


Interpolation and sampling: why do we need them for projective transformation in image processing?

We remembered the algorithms that were actively researched in the 80s and 90s as a part of a structural texture rendering and are rarely brought up when it comes to digital image processing these days.


Algorithm for price tag recognition that works even with portable data terminals

Today we’ll add one more article to our classic collection of articles about the methods of image processing and image recognition and how these methods are applicable in practice. We’ll be discussing the price tag recognition problem (just the regular price tags that we see in the stores all the…


Development and testing of the Smart Tomo Engine program for tomographic reconstruction using the Elbrus platform

Today our article will be focused on two of our favorite subjects: computed tomography (CT) and the Russian-made processor called Elbrus. We’ll talk about the difference between an X-ray and a CT scan result and explain why such a large and serious piece of machinery as a tomograph could really…


When do we stop the recognition process in a video stream?

Today we’d like to delve into a very interesting problem that we’ve been working on since we started researching document recognition in a video stream — the problem of finding the optimal stopping point. Figure 1. Images of ID-document text field in video frames As many of you know, one…

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