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Cashbot Adopts Smart ID Engine Secure ID Scanning Technology

The data entry of clients of the Czech based fintech Cashbot is now carried out using the secure domestic technology for scanning identity documents Smart ID Engine, developed by Smart Engines. On its basis, a technical solution has been implemented that allows you to quickly and safely extract customer passport…


Raiffeisenbank has introduced Smart Engine technology into its mobile applications for QR code scanning

The QR-code scanning technology developed by Smart Engines has been introduced into Raiffeisen Online. The implemented solution improved the quality of QR codes and barcode scanning for payment operations in a mobile application. High scanning precision is ensured even for damaged or non-standard QR codes. Thanks to an up-to-date scanner,…


SimplyPayMe integrates Smart Engines’ AI-based OCR for credit and debit card scanning

The global payments company, SimplyPayMe, has integrated a software product through Smart Code Engine for credit card scanning in their mobile app. The integration enables SimplyPayMe merchants to receive frictionless, contact-free card payments through a software-based Point-Of-Sale (POS) system without having to manually type in numbers. The SimplyPayMe platform has…


Smart Engines rolls out its AI-driven software in super app – Kazakhstan’s most significant payments, marketplace, and fintech ecosystem

Smart Engines rolls out its AI-driven software in Kaspi to support automatic credit card scanning for the bank’s mobile app (iOS and Android). As an innovation-driven company, Kaspi has a proven track record of introducing cutting-edge products and services that its customers quickly adopt. The partnership of Smart Engines and…


Smart Engines SDK 1.8.0 brings new AI-powered modes to scan barcodes in multi-code and continuous sessions

We’ve released Smart Engines SDK 1.8.0 with an improved barcode scanning system, Tamil language OCR and added additional Arabic ligatures support. This version can scan 1D and 2D barcodes when several codes are present in the frame simultaneously and when it is necessary to read these codes one by one…


Smart Engines launches new barcode scanning AI-powered modes to strengthen security and preventative measures for Covid-19

Smart Engines scientists have developed multi-code and continuous session scanning in anticipation of a challenging epidemiological situation worldwide. In particular, now the mandatory Covid-19 QR code scanning required for entering certain premises in some countries is greatly simplified for staff and customers. If identity confirmation is necessary for the QR…


KYC service Argos KYC partners AI-driven Smart Engines to reinforce identity verification

Argos KYC will use high-precision Smart Engines‘ software for intellectual data extraction of ID cards, passports, and driving licenses. This partnership improves and secures automated identity verification that is crucial for Argos KYC. It aims to increase its efficiency and speed of verification while maintaining data security and privacy at…


Smart Engines brings OCR to the travel industry in Kazakhstan

HT.KZ, one of the leaders in the travel industry in Kazakhstan, uses Smart Engines on-premise solution to securely scan its clients’ passports. AI software has been integrated into the tour booking system, making the booking process fast and convenient. Managers no longer need to enter passport data manually — the…


AI-driven technologies increase the efficiency of passport control with Smart ID Engine’s installed software

Smart Engines‘ AI-driven software was equipped in passport e-gates Sapsan at Sheremetyevo International Airport SVO for contactless border control on international flights. Passport e-gates will also be expanded for use in airports under the plans in an attempt to significantly improve the efficiency of Border Force officials’ services by reducing…


Smart Engines launches new OCR-based Credit Card Scanner for Mobile and Web apps with 2X speed up of free-form cards

Smart Engines developed a new version of credit card scanner to OCR data of cards of 21 worldwide and national payment systems. The new OCR scans more types of free-form credit cards with a breakthrough AI-powered 2X speed up. The technology allows to streamline payments and money transfers in mobile…

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Raiffeisenbank scans identity documents using Smart Engines technologies


Tessi use Smart Engines AI-based solutions into its business process services

Vodafone Qatar

Vodafone Qatar uses Smart Engines’ technology for scanning ID card of Qatar


iDenfy Upgrades Its Identity Verification Technology with Smart Engines solutions

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