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Smart Code Engine

— a software solution for MRZ scanning and data extraction from passport and ID cards on mobile devices (Android, iOS), servers and PCs.


Smart Code Engine SDK (previously known as Smart MRZReader) is MRZ reading technology. The system scans and extracts data automatically from machine-readable zones (MRZ) compliant with international standards ISO / ICAO (IEC 7501-1/ICAO Document 9303 ISO) and local (Bulgaria, Ecuador, France, Russia, Switzerland) standards for passports, residence permits, ID cards, visas, driver licenses and others.


Automatic MRZ reading is performed in various image capturing conditions and is resistant to excessive or insufficient lighting, different camera angles, as well as to skew and rotation.


Smart Code Engine SDK automatically recognizes MRZ lines on photos, in a real-time video stream, as well as on images from both conventional scanners and specialized, multi-band passport scanners.


The MRZ reading process is performed automatically, in real time, on the device — without any data transmission. It allows you to scan MRZ on devices with limited processing power (thin clients, data collection and mobile terminals etc.). At the same time, highperformance of the Smart Code Engine software allows to construct enterprise-level technical solutions which process thousands of scans, photos and video sequences per second.


What matters is, the MRZ reader software does NOT transfer data to Smart Engines, third-party services and/or third parties for manual processing, does NOT save or store them (the recognition process is performed in the local RAM memory of the device) and does NOT require internet access. Smart Code Engine fully complies with the requirements of the international law (GDPR, CCPA) with respect to personal data processing.


The system extracts data and detects signs that may indicate digital or physical MRZ forgery of the document. The built-in feature of automatic face search allows you to use Smart Code Engine within a biometric verification system.


Smart Code Engine SDK is easy to integrate into applications using Objective-C, Swift, C, C++, Java, C#, PHP and Python interfaces for a wide range of operating systems: iOS, Android, Sailfish Mobile, Aurora OS, Linux, Windows, macOS, Solaris, etc. For easy embedding, wrappers for React Native and Flutter are also available for mobile app developers.

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Our latest achievements in computational intelligence and deep learning allowed us to create next-generation MRZ OCR technologies and set a new benchmark of computer vision quality. The highest speed is achieved by combining computer vision algorithms and 8-bit neural network architectures.

Four-Dimensional OCR
The use of computational geometry, anytime algorithms and interframe integration of the results have become the key components of MRZ recognition in a video stream, especially under low or excessive lighting conditions (twilight, sunlight) and at different angles.

Regardless of the shooting angle or lighting, our AI algorithms are able to detect and read MRZ lines. The user does not need to focus on the MRZ line or try to adapt to the recognition system: our AI-based software helps the user, not trying to teach during the MRZ recognition process.



Document MRZ scanning in a video stream


Smart Code Engine can be integrated into information systems, web and mobile applications. Thus, it can quickly recognize the clients’ MRZ data on any passport and visa documents in real time and can help to streamline business processes.


MRZ line detection and document data display


Data scanning from MRZ compliant with international standards ISO/ICAO (IEC 7501-1/ICAO Document 9303 ISO) using Smart Code Engine software provides convenience and security, without manual data input errors. The whole recognition process of MRZ document data in a video stream, starting from presenting the document to the camera and ending with the result, takes 1-1.5 seconds on average.

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Try out Smart Code Engine technologies to scan MRZ from passport and ID cards in photos and in a real-time video stream

MRZ reading from photos, using a web camera

To enter MRZ data of scanned or photographed passport and visa documents, we use our proprietary technologies which are able to detect the MRZ document zone at any angle, and then perform high-precision data recognition.


Data recognition in a video stream, using a web camera or a mobile device, is performed in real time.

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    Our customers


    Rosbank has implemented an artificial intelligence solution for the paperwork


    Travizory Border Security selected Smart Engines product for identification documents scanning


    Japanese provider of IT services Smaregi has adopted mobile OCR by Smart Engines

    Oman Arab Bank

    Smart Engines helps to implement Digital User Onboarding at Oman Arab Bank

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    Please fill out the form to get more information about the products,pricing and trial SDK for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows.