Smart Code Engine

Smart Code Engine is an AI-based solution for automatic recognition of codified data. Effortless scanning of MRZ, credit and debit cards, IBAN cards, 1-D and 2-D barcodes, and more.

Our advanced recognition technology captures and extracts information as a robust machine should:



  • on a server or a smartphone, even low-end
  • in all real-world lighting conditions, any camera angle
  • from video streams, photos, and scans, even damaged or low quality

Privacy Protection

Every Smart Engines solution is designed to protect the privacy and sensitive data. Personal data is never saved, stored, or transferred to third-party. Our offline capture technology means that all processing happens on the user device only.

Smart Code Engine recognition SDK is a GDPR and CCPA compliant solution.

Powered by GreenOCR

Lightweight neural network algorithms provide Smart Engines software its hyper-fast performance. It also results in a truly Green AI. Recognized by the UN, we provide top speed and accuracy while reducing the carbon footprint. 

Power Reader

Our innovative OCR software decodes information designed for machine recognition with exceptional precision and speed.

Smart Code Engine does not require a network connection and can be used on devices with limited processing power, including smartphones, tablets, mobile terminals, thin clients, as well as on PCs and servers. A mobile OCR SDK turns Android and iOS devices into a fast and effective mobile scanner. It takes milliseconds to scan all relevant information. All processing is done entirely on the device.

What is it for?

  • MRZ scanning (Machine-Readable Zone)
  • Bank cards scanning (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, MIR, Maestro, Union Pay, Diners Club)
  • Barcodes scanning (QR codes, PDF417, etc.)
  • Simple text data scanning (phone numbers, IBAN, serial numbers, etc.)

Which industry is it for?

Smart Code Engine is perfectly suited to any business, such as an airline, tax-free services, hospitality, that requires to enter basic ID card and passport data from MRZ securely and efficiently. Bank cards and barcodes scanning streamlines online and in-store payments, and for financial institutions, it plays a critical role by allowing customers to transfer money and pay bills easier and more intuitively, anywhere, at home or on-the-go.


Three proprietary, task-specific sub-modules give Smart Code Engine its precise, reliable performance – solving a codified data scanning problem where other solutions fail.


Robust, fully automatic scan of MRZ from identity documents (passports, ID cards, visas, driving licenses, etc.) including:

  • International (ISO / ICAO (IEC 7501-1 / ICAO Document 9303 ISO)
  • Local (Bulgaria, Ecuador, France, Russia, Switzerland)

Smart Engines’ MRZ capabilities enable you to build complex technical solutions for processing thousands of documents per second (from scans, images or video captures), with on-board document validity checks and face photo extraction for advanced biometric verification.




Our latest achievements in computational intelligence and deep learning not only allowed us to create next-generation OCR technologies but set a new benchmark of computer vision quality. Our original neural network models bring the quality of automatic recognition to a whole new level.

Four-Dimensional OCR

The use of computational geometry, anytime algorithms and integration of the results made it possible to unleash the potential of video recognition, and recognize MRZ in low or excessive light conditions (twilight, or bright sunlight), as well as in complex scene geometry conditions, confidently and accurately.

Smooth user-experience

Our AI algorithms are able to detect and scan MRZ regardless of the shooting angle, excessive or insufficient lighting conditions. The user does not need to focus on the image or try to adapt to the recognition system in any other way: our AI-based software does everything autonomously and automatically.

Bank cards

Scans bank card data in real-time using advance AI to deliver a next-level user experience. Securely captures 12-19 digit card number (PAN), IBAN, expiry date, and name of the cardholder:

  • any angle
  • out of focus images
  • when the card is partially out of frame
  • embossed, indent, flat, vertical and flexible layout
  • loyalty program cards

This AI-driven solution provides support for online payments, banking transactions, and money transfers. Integrates seamlessly into mobile apps for banks, mobile phone providers, and more.



Supported payment systems

All major payment systems: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, MIR, Maestro, Union Pay, Diners Club, and others;

Card types & layouts

  • embossed, engraved (indent), flat cards;
  • horizontal or portrait layout;
  • with digits written on the front or backside of the card, in standard or flexible formats

What data is extracted

Extraction of the card number (12-19 digits), card’s expiration date, card holder’s name and IBAN



Easy-to-use software

The user does not need to focus on the card during the recognition – our AI algorithms detect the card even when the card is not entirely within the shooting frame. The reliability of recognition results is ensured even when the card is flipped 90, 180, or 270 degrees. The system is also resistant to poor lighting conditions, camera angles, geometrical distortions.

Speed and accuracy rate

The recognition accuracy of the card number reaches 99.68%, at a speed of 0.04 seconds per frame.


Smart Code Engine card module works completely offline, it never transfers any data to external services, and sensitive data is always under the full control of the owner.


Intelligent real-time barcode scanning technology that automatically captures data from:

  • QR code
  • PDF-417
  • other 1D and 2D barcodes

Our advanced SDK interface is specially designed to recognise barcodes (even damaged ones) from a wide range of bills, receipts and documentation – physical and digital – for utilities, government services, taxation, business, tickets, cheques, delivery slips, posters and billboards.




We created a new generation of barcode scanning technology, which surpassed the quality of traditional approaches using the latest scientific achievements in computational intelligence, computer vision and deep learning.


Innovative integer image processing pipeline, as well as 8-bit and 4-bit neural network architectures allowed achieving high data processing speeds even on low-end devices.


All computations are performed on device, which provides maximum security for our customers.



Easy-to-use software

Advanced AI algorithms automatically detect the barcode in the frame. The user doesn’t need to have a steady aim and angle rotation.


The system supports QR Code, AZTEC, PDF 417, Data Matrix, CODABAR, CODE_39, CODE_93, CODE_128, EAN_8, EAN_13, ITF, UPC_A, UPC_E, and more.

When deciding between two products, equal in price and quality, the client is more likely to choose what they can receive faster, cheaper and with an additional service. With the integration of Smart Engines ID capture technologies, the attractiveness of our online shop has increased.

Yuri Smagarinsky
Executive Vice President for Sales and Client Service
PJSC VimpelCom/Veon

We are actively integrating technologies that allow to save our clients time, thus improving the user experience. Smart Engines identity documents recognition solutions are helping us simplify clients’ data entry on mobile devices and online web-services.

Vyacheslav Tsyganov
Tinkoff Bank

We are interested in cooperating with companies that develop truly innovative AI products and solutions, which are able to transform not only businesses, but entire industries. The inclusion of Smart Engines solutions into our product line is a great step towards enhancing the range of our services and broadening our area of expertise.

Pierre Charara
Head of CETIA

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Free demo apps allow you to experience the power of Smart Engines software for intelligent document scanning in a real-world context.

Why not experience the power of Smart Engines for yourself? Our demo apps allow you to test the capabilities of our identity document recognition software on mobile devices in videostream or in a single image (photo, scan).

Simply display any document to the camera in real-time or choose a photo from the gallery, and the app will recognize and capture the necessary data.

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