27.08.2021 г.

Green AI-based IDs scanning software for European countries and territories

Smart Engines has been hard-working to perfect the identity documents scan for European countries and territories. Meet Smart ID Engine SDK for integration of ID scanner into mobile apps, server software, desktop applications, and web pages to boost remote onboarding and KYC process, enhance customer service, and automate data capture in your company’s document flow! Using our product, companies can securely scan and extract identity document data in real-time.

Smart ID Engine is based on the proprietary GreenOCR® technology. This state-of-the-art OCR extracts data of ID cards, passports, residence permits, and other identity related documents in more than 100 languages including all Latin-based and Cyrillic-based European languages (see full list here) with all special symbols. The SDK minimizes CPU energy consumption and carbon footprint thanks to the framework of low-bit pipelines for deep neural network inference. With Smart Engines ID scanning the customer’s data is processed securely without any need to send anything to external services.

European countries

Fast, accurate, and eco-friendly scanning of passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses (DL), residence permits (RP), visas, and vehicle registration certificates (VRC). In our new version 1.7.0, we have added support for new Schengen visas and new biometric ID cards and residence permits of all EU countries.

In addition we support special id documents:

List of supported European languages:

Explore the complete list of supported IDs and countries!

Why is Smart Engines SDK eco-friendly?

The Smart Engine team of scientists and software engineers are using the Green AI approach for creating computer vision algorithms and AI models for accurate and fast document scanning. Using advances of this approach we are creating our own low-bit and low power ANN inference software and special tiny CNN models that allow us to reduce the carbon footprint of AI on every stage of creating and using our models. To reduce the power consumption of our products we are hard-working on constantly improving the energy efficiency of each and every Computer Vision algorithm we create and use to achieve the best speed and power efficiency of our SDK as well as the state-of-the-art recognition precision.

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