The Achilles’ Heel of Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, artificial neural networks are at the core of various AI methods. At the same time, thanks to a huge number of distributed computing frameworks, data sets and other how-tos, new neural network learning models are in great request and researchers worldwide easily build new effective, secure algorithms without delving…


Smart ID, Code, Document Engines Release notes

Smart ID Engine 1.0.0 New recognition engine for identity documents. Standing on the shoulders of Smart IDReader, and looking far beyond. * Introducing Face matching AI; * Introducing document liveness detection; * Introducing Indo-Arabic language family recognition (Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and more); * Modular structure of the recognition engine which…


A few facts about cascade classifiers in optical recognition that are rarely talked about in scientific papers

Today we’d like to talk about optical recognition again. A simple recognizer model of a cascade classifier will be the main subject of our article. The cascade classifier is used in the popular Viola-Jones framework. The sad part is that despite the vast amount of articles, no one studied cascade…


ID optical character recognition on a mobile phone: simple to complex

In this article, we give a brief description of the design of our identity document optical character recognition system and the algorithms that are used at different stages of the process. If you’d like to know how the Smart ID Engine system works, please keep reading. The idea of using a mobile…


Image binarization algorithm in computed tomography

Binarization is a classic image processing problem. Oftentimes it is used to simplify the data and speed up the subsequent processing which doesn’t seem vital nowadays. However, when analyzing porous materials, binarization becomes essential because in this case, a data model doesn’t involve an intermediate state between a hollow pore…


ID documents scanning as the way to avoid queues and improve safety at major public events

How the lack of an entrance tickets scanner slows the queue It is common knowledge that the biggest challenge public events at large open areas are facing today is the inevitable queues at the entrance. The queue usually occurs when a large number of visitors pass through narrow turnstiles and checkpoints, where…


QR-code localization – the important recognition step that has been neglected

QR-code recognition in an image is a well-established problem in machine vision. First of all, the research object was initially developed as a tool for more “comfortable” recognition. Secondly, the problem gets broken into a few separate clear sub-tasks: QR-code localization, QR-code orientation, and QR-code decoding. It turns out that…


Algorithms for text field recognition results post-processing

Today we’d like to look into the problem of post-processing the text field recognition results based on a priori knowledge about the text field. A significant part of important documents, including identification documents, consists of the fields of a different kind, such as dates, numbers, car VIN-numbers, TIN and social…


Compliance with legal age limits for alcohol and tobacco sales

Age verification as an integral part of the industry Many countries have implemented age limits to prevent underage purchases of alcohol. Sale of products with age restrictions requires special responsibility and vigilance from trade organizations: once sell alcoholic beverages or tobacco products to minors, it can cost the seller and…


Automation of the modification detection in the images of contract documents using an N-gram model

Any reasonable person today knows not to sign a document before they read it. Those who didn’t follow this simple rule might have to deal with unexpected consequences that could’ve been avoided if only they paid attention to the content of a document including the fine print. The tricks and…

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