Space character: there is more to it than meets the eye

Hey there, friends! As you already know, we, the Smart Engines team, specialize in text recognition (not exclusively) in various documents. Today we’d like to touch on one more challenging moment when it comes to text recognition on complex backgrounds, which is space character detection. We’ll be using names on…


Make your front desk smart, secure and queue-free

Obsolete ways of entering and keeping personal data While visiting various offices/organizations and business centers with the visitor permit system sometimes it seems that you are stuck in the past: we can often watch continuously listening to the radio or watching TV guards who take the visitor’s passport and manually…


Digital forgery prevention or document forgery detection

Why fake documents detection became so important Nowadays we witness the ongoing services growth which has become possible to provide remotely due to the advancement of technology, providers in some cases face the need for remote client’s identity which is vital for on-boarding, processing travel documents and implementation of customer profile. At…


Bipolar morphological networks: neuron without multiplication

It is quite hard to find a problem to be solved by any other way than a neural network. Moreover, other methods are not even considered in many cases. Logically enough during a ‘silver bullet’ hunt researchers and technologists propose newer and better neural-network architecture modifications which are supposed to…


HoughNet: vanishing point detection using the network fused with a classic algorithm

While the global object recognition community trains tens and even hundreds of successful artificial neural network (ANN) architectures that heating up the planet with the powerful video cards and developing a “panacea” for any computer vision problem, we, the Smart Engines team, don’t veer off our research path and keep…


Simple classification method for recognized pages of business documents using Template Matching

As we all know classification’s objective is to include any object from any selection to one or a few different categories of a number of predetermined categories. 1. Problem statement Classification algorithm can be created based on machine learning that uses a training selection of some objects that have been…


Search of document quadrangles on mobile devices for document recognition purposes

Some of the document recognition modules developed by our company are designed to detect the placement of an object in the image or video stream as a priority task. This article is dedicated to one of the implemented solutions we choose for this problem. Problem description First and foremost, we…


Documentation: Smart IDReader SDK Integration Instructions

Here we place General instructions on how to use Smart IDReader SDK in your applications. If you feel any trouble with it please feel free to send requests or any other questions about the SDK integration process on Troubleshooting and help General Usage Workflow Smart IDReader C++ SDK Overview Header files and…


Data augmentation for neural network training – example for printed characters recognition

There are a lot of articles dedicated to image recognition by machine learning methods such as neural networks, support vector machines,  random trees. All these require a significant number of examples for learning and parameters setting. To create learning and testing datasets of the adequate volume is not quite trivial. In…


A Russian biometric international travel passport – how it works

A modern travel passport is not just a booklet with a photo of the owner issued for international travel, but rather a complex device that embodies all the most breakthrough achievements in various areas of science and technology. The main passport function is to confirm the owner’s identity quickly, reliably…

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