Simple classification method for recognized pages of business documents using Template Matching

As we all know classification’s objective is to include any object from any selection to one or a few different categories of a number of predetermined categories. 1. Problem statement Classification algorithm can be created based on machine learning that uses a training selection of some objects that have been…


Search of document quadrangles on mobile devices for document recognition purposes

Some of the document recognition modules developed by our company are designed to detect the placement of an object in the image or video stream as a priority task. This article is dedicated to one of the implemented solutions we choose for this problem. Problem description First and foremost, we…


Documentation: Smart IDReader SDK Integration Instructions

Here we place General instructions on how to use Smart IDReader SDK in your applications. If you feel any trouble with it please feel free to send requests or any other questions about the SDK integration process on Troubleshooting and help General Usage Workflow Smart IDReader C++ SDK Overview Header files and…


Data augmentation for neural network training – example for printed characters recognition

There are a lot of articles dedicated to image recognition by machine learning methods such as neural networks, support vector machines,  random trees. All these require a significant number of examples for learning and parameters setting. To create learning and testing datasets of the adequate volume is not quite trivial. In…


A Russian biometric international travel passport – how it works

A modern travel passport is not just a booklet with a photo of the owner issued for international travel, but rather a complex device that embodies all the most breakthrough achievements in various areas of science and technology. The main passport function is to confirm the owner’s identity quickly, reliably…


Text line segmentation in documents using convolutional and recurrent neural networks

Text line segmentation is a crucial step for Optical Character Recognition (OCR), particularly when working with the document images. Text line segmentation is defined as the decomposition of an image comprised of the character sequence into fragments containing single characters. The importance of segmentation stems from the fact that most…


A smart idea to make game industry legitimate, secure and inviting

Due to the spread of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes COVID-19 infection, one-fifth of the world’s population faced the necessity to stay at home, and the audience of the online game industry began to grow rapidly. Gaming has become a preferred form of entertainment for players from all backgrounds and ages.…


The evolution of bank cards: from metal to metal

New technologies, as a general rule, build upon not just current developments, but on the extensive analysis of how related technologies have been evolving over time. Thus, if we look at a bank card as a complex piece of technology, which it is, it is interesting to know the history…


How the recognition system improves a mobile banking application

For any financial organization, a convenient mobile banking app is one of the ways to attract and maintain customers. If the bank has a more convenient, clear, and secure application, it can get a lot of appreciation from the customers themselves and from market experts. A perfect banking application allows…


How to make the process of getting microloans secure and safe for clients and banks

There are situations when money is needed quickly and for a short period of time, in such cases, a microcredit organization could be a better decision than trying to borrow some money from a friend or a neighbor. Muhammad Yunus, a Bangladeshi Professor of Economics and a banker, the pioneer…

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Smart ID Engine is integrated into customer age verification platform VerifyMyAge

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NEC chooses Smart Engines for digital Onboarding project in Peru


iDenfy Upgrades Its Identity Verification Technology with Smart Engines solutions


Rosbank has implemented an artificial intelligence solution for the paperwork

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