04.12.2020 г.

Smart ID, Code, Document Engines Release notes

Smart ID Engine 1.0.0

New recognition engine for identity documents. Standing on the shoulders of Smart IDReader, and looking far beyond.

* Introducing Face matching AI;
* Introducing document liveness detection;
* Introducing Indo-Arabic language family recognition (Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and more);
* Modular structure of the recognition engine which allows reducing the library size on-demand for the target document types;
* Reduced configuration package size and the library footprint: as benchmarked on built-for-Android mobile libs with modular optimization, including configuration bundle and JAR-archived single-arch library:
– ~35% size reduction for Russian passport;
– ~35% size reduction for Bank cards;
– ~40% size reduction for Barcodes;
– ~15% size reduction for All Russian documents;
– ~25% size reduction for All European documents;
– ~25% size reduction for All USA documents;
– ~15% size reduction for All Passports.

* Significantly improved recognition accuracy of all text fields in supported identity documents;
* Significantly improved recognition accuracy of handwritten and handprinted fields;
* Significantly improved bank cards recognition speed and accuracy;

* Massive speed-ups of the recognition engine:
– New and more efficient mathematical computation model for OCR, including new 8-bit neural networks models inference;
– New deep visual memory technology for boosting document detection and localization;
– Speed boosts for layout analysis, text lines segmentation, and more;
– ~200ms average per-frame recognition for USA drivers license on iPhone SE2;

* Auto-selection mode: Any passport, European ID cards, European Driving licenses, All European documents, All CIS documents, All Latin America ID cards, all Latin America Driving licenses.
* Added recognition of Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Tamil, Sinhalese languages;
* Russian internal passport detection and localization – improved accuracy and speed boost;

* Improvement of Numbers, Latin, Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean recognition, as well as other languages and writing systems;
* Improved document type selection algorithms;
* Improved barcodes detection and recognition accuracy;
* Introducing IBAN bank cards recognition;
* Improved NN-based document face detection;
* Improved location and recognition of stamps in Russian passport: registration stamp, old passport stamp and etc;
* Improved recognition of Russian documents – driver license, social security card (snils), vehicle registration certificate, birth certificate, and more;

* Added .NET integration interface for Linux systems;
* Added React and Flutter integration interfaces for mobile systems;

* Improved signature detection and extraction for all supported documents;
* Introducing signature presence verification technology for all supported documents;
* Fields masking functionality – engine returns document image with masked fields (fully controlled by the customer);
* Face photo from ID document is extracted as a separate field, ready to be used for Face matching;

* Document liveness: monitor presentation attack detection;
* Document liveness: holographic security elements detection;
* Document liveness: Photo-copy attack detection;
* Document liveness: face photo replacement attack detection for Russian passport;
* Document liveness: MRZ monitor screen presentation attacks detection;
* Document forensics: MRZ verification and text data cross-validation;
* Document forensics: Mandatory fields presence verification;
* Document forensics: Font family verification;
* Document forensics: Special document blank elements presence verification;
* Document forensics: Issuing authority stamp detection and recognition;
* Document forensics: face quality estimation and best photo selection;
* Document forensics: best frame selection;
* Document forensics: document dates authentication;

* Supported 1483 document types, with more than 2200 document templates;

* New document types added (from Smart IDReader 3.8.3):
– MRZ subtype for Ecuador ID
– Aruba ID
– Angola Residence permit
– Bermuda Driving licence
– Bolivia ID
– Curaçao ID
– Cyprus Residence permit
– Micronesia Passport
– Ghana ID, Driving licence, Medcard
– Guinea ID
– Gambia ID
– Equatorial Guinea ID
– Guatemala ID
– Ireland Residence permit
– Iraq ID
– Japan Landing permission
– Cambodia ID
– Lao ID
– Liberia ID
– Lebanon ID
– Lesotho ID
– Macao ID, Passport
– Marshall Islands Passport
– Malawi ID
– Myanmar ID
– Mozambique ID, Residence permit
– Mauritania ID
– Mauritius ID
– Malaysia Driving licence
– Sint Maarten ID
– Uganda ID
– Uzbekistan ID
– ECOWAS Passport
– Zimbabwe ID

* New templates added for pre-existing document types (from Smart IDReader 3.8.3):
– Albania Driving license
– United Arab Emirates Passport
– Argentina Driving license
– Australia ID, Driving license
– Austria ID
– Belgium ID
– Bangladesh ID, Passport, Driving license
– Bulgaria ID, Residence permit
– Bahrain ID
– Belarus Passport, Internal Passport
– Bermuda Passport
– Switzerland Driving license, Residence permit
– Chile ID, Passport
– Colombia ID
– Germany ID, Residence permit
– Djibouti Passport
– Denmark Residence permit
– Spain Residence permit
– Estonia Passport
– Finland Residence permit
– Fiji Passport
– Gabon Passport
– UK Passport, Residence permit
– Gibraltar ID
– Hungary Residence permit
– Indonesia Passport
– Island Residence permit
– Jordan ID
– Kazakhstan Passport
– Cambodia Passport
– Kiribati Passport
– Korea ID
– Liechtenstein Passport
– Sri Lanka Passport
– Moldova Passport
– Mexico Driving license
– Malaysia ID
– Nigeria ID
– Netherlands ID, Residence permit
– Pakistan ID
– Portugal Residence permit
– Romania Residence permit
– Russia Marriage certificate
– Senegal Passport
– Sweden ID
– Tajikistan ID
– Timor-Leste Passport
– USA Driving licence, Medcards
– Venezuela Passport
– Yemen Passport

* Significantly improved recognition quality for document types (from Smart IDReader 3.8.3):
– Angola ID, Passport
– Albania ID, Driving license
– Argentina ID
– Armenia Passport, Driving license
– Australia ID, Driving license
– Austria Residence permit
– Azerbaijan Driving license
– Burundi Passport
– Belgium Driving license
– Benin ID
– Burkina Faso ID
– Bulgaria ID
– Bahrain Passport
– Bahamas Driving license
– Bosnia and Herzegovina ID, Driving license, Vehicle registration card
– Brazil ID, Driving license
– Brunei Darussalam Passport
– Central African Republic Passport
– Switzerland Driving license, Residence permit
– Chile ID
– Côte d’Ivoire ID
– Cameroon ID, Passport
– Democratic Republic of the Congo ID
– Congo ID
– Colombia ID, Passport
– Comoros ID
– Cabo Verde ID
– Costa Rica ID
– Cuba ID, Passport
– Cayman Islands Passport
– Cyprus ID, Driving license
– Czechia Residence permit, Vehicle registration card
– Germany ID, Residence permit
– Djibouti ID, Passport
– Denmarl Driving license
– Egypt ID, Passport
– Spain Residence permit
– Estonia ID, Residence permit
– Finland Driving license
– Fiji Passport
– France Driving license, Residence permit
– Gabon ID, Passport
– UK Driving license, Residence permit
– Greece Driving license
– Grenada Passport
– Hong Kong ID
– Hungary Driving license
– Indonesia Passport
– Ireland Driving license
– Island Passport
– Italy ID
– Jorgan Passport
– Kyrgyzstan Driving license
– Liechtenstein ID
– Luxembourg ID
– Latvia ID
– Morocco ID, Passport
– Mexico Driving license
– North Macedonia ID, Driving license
– Malta ID, Driving license, Residence permit
– Mozambique Passport
– Mauritius Passport
– Malaysia ID, Passport
– Nicaragua Passport
– Netherlands ID
– Norway Driving license
– Pakistan ID
– Philippines Passport
– Poland Passport, Residence permit
– Qatar ID
– Saudi Arabia ID
– Slovakia Residence permit, Vehicle registration card
– Slovenia ID, Driving license
– Sweden ID
– Tajikistan ID, Passport, Driving license
– Turkey ID, Driving license
– Taiwan Passport
– Ukraine Passport.national
– USA Driving license, Passport card, Medical cards
– Uzbekistan Driving license
– Samoa Passport

* New and improved SDK interface (C++ and Java supported). Legacy Smart IDReader interface supported.

Smart Document Engine 1.0.0

Versatile enterprise-grade recognition engine for structure, semi-structured, and weakly structured documents recognition with flexible and fixed layouts.

Supports recognition from scanned images and photos. Automatically rectifies and auto-rotates the document image. Extracts such document elements as text fields, static texts, named entities, graphical objects, tables, keywords, checkboxes, and other form elements, and much more.

* Automatic document image rectification and normalization;
* Automatic auto-rotation and skew detection of the document image;
* Supports recognition of tables, text fields, handprinted fields, checkboxes;
* Supports handwritten text detection, extraction of graphical objects and static texts, detection, and verification of signatures;
* Each recognized object is supplied with a verbose analysis result, including confidence values, images of separate objects, confidence flags, and more;
* Composite objects, such as tables, are returned in a structured way;
* Compatible with Smart ID Engine / Smart IDReader document types;
* Supported operating systems: Windows, Linux-based systems, Mac OS, Elbrus OS, iOS, Android;
* Structure document analysis result output via SDK interface, as well as using a JSON format.

* Supports >1400 identity documents from the box (via the integration with Smart ID Engine);
* <2 seconds per-page recognition (measured on AMD Ryzen 7 3700X).

Supported documents:

* Russian personal tax form;
* Russian accounting balance;
* Russian P&L statement;
* Russian tax number certificate;
* Russian payment order.

Smart Code Engine 1.0.0

New recognition engine for codified objects recognition. Compact, lightweight, and efficient. Can scan standard MRZ from MRTDs (Passports, Visas, ID cards) and nonstandard ones (Russian internal passport, Russian visa, French ID, Bulgarian vehicle registration, Swiss driving license, Ecuador ID); Bank Cards of different payment systems: VISA, MasterCard, MIR, American Express, Union Pay, JCB, Diners Club, Maestro, and variety of appearance: embossed, indent-printed, flat-designed, vertical, IBAN, and 4-lined; Barcodes: QR Code, AZTEC, PDF 417, Data Matrix, CODABAR, CODE_39, CODE_93, CODE_128, EAN_8, EAN_13, ITF, UPC_A, UPC_E, UPC_EAN_EXTENSION. Robust to screw, geometrical and lighting distortions, orientation and etc. Fully automatic without targets and other artificial user limitations.

* Introducing Real-time bank card recognition: 25 frames per second on modern devices, with unprecedented quality;
* Introducing IBAN bank cards recognition;
* Significantly improved bank cards recognition speed and accuracy on all devices – <140 ms per frame on average on obsolete iPhone SE with 25% accuracy improvement;
* Improved quality and speed of MRZ recognition in the document images;
* Reduced library size: as benchmarked on built-for-Android mobile libs with modular optimization, including configuration bundle and JAR-archived single-arch library: <6 MiB in total, a 33% decrease compared to Smart ID Reader in the same configuration.
* Improved barcodes detection accuracy;
* Improved barcodes recognition accuracy;

* Machine-readable zone from photo-IDs returned with face image ready to be used for face matching;

* Legacy Smart IDReader interface supported. Functionality available using id.engine interface.

Improve your business with Smart Engines technologies



Green AI-powered scanner SDK of ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, residence permits, visas, and other ids, more than 1856+ types in total. Provides eco-friendly, fast and precise scanning SDK for a smartphone, web, desktop or server, works fully autonomously. Extracts data from photos and scans, as well as in the video stream from a smartphone or web camera, is robust to capturing conditions. No data transfer — ID scanning is performed on-device and on-premise.


Automatic scanning of machine-readable zones (MRZ); all types of credit cards: embossed, indent-printed, and flat-printed; barcodes: PDF417, QR code, AZTEC, DataMatrix, and others on the fly by a smartphone’s camera. Provides high-quality MRZ, barcode, and credit card scanning in mobile applications on-device regardless of lighting conditions. Supports card scanning of 21 payment systems.



Automatic data extraction from business and legal documents: KYC/AML questionnaires, applications, tests, etc, administrative papers (accounting documents, corporate reports, business forms, and government forms — financial statements, insurance policies, etc). High-quality Green AI-powered OCR on scans and photographs taken in real conditions. Total security: only on-premise installation. Automatically scans document data in 2 seconds on a modern smartphone.


Green AI for Tomographic reconstruction and visualization. Algorithmization of the image reconstruction process directly during the X-ray tomographic scanning process. We aspire to reduce the radiation dose received during the exposure by finding the optimal termination point of scanning.


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