28.06.2024 г.

Smart Engines scientists accelerated payment QR code recognition to 42 milliseconds

Smart Engines, AI solutions developer and market leader in document recognition, has updated its software product line to version 2.4.0.

Smart Engines scientists accelerated payment QR code recognition to 42 milliseconds

Smart Code Engine now recognizes payment QR codes in just 42 milliseconds. This technology enables the scanning of one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes, including QR, AZTEC, PDF417, and DataMatrix, on various surfaces such as documents, screens, and within video streams or photos taken by users. Even if a QR code is partially cut off, the AI can successfully decode it. Version 2.4.0 also adds support for mirrored AZTEC code reading and CVC/CVV code recognition for free-form bank cards. Additionally, the recognition quality of embossed bank cards has been enhanced.

Smart ID Engine has received several upgrades as well. The recognition of Greek, Urdu, Hebrew, and Arabic languages has been improved, with the same updates applied to the Smart Document Engine. Faces comparison quality also has been improved.

Furthermore, recognition capabilities for various documents have been significantly enhanced, including:

  • Improved recognition of the Swedish passport, Iranian ID card, Moroccan driver’s license, and about 60 other types of documents.
  • Support for 14 new types of identity documents that were not previously recognized, including the UN passport, Iranian residence permit, and Turkish military ID.
  • Addition of 41 new subtypes of identity documents from countries such as Australia, Brazil, France, Israel, and the USA.

As a result, Smart ID Engine now supports the recognition of 2,787 document types (+78) with 4,467 unique templates (+162).

Across all three software products, text detection speed has increased by 20%.

These updates underline Smart Engines’ commitment to providing cutting-edge AI solutions for document recognition, ensuring faster and more accurate performance.

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Rosbank has implemented an artificial intelligence solution for the paperwork


Tessi use Smart Engines AI-based solutions into its business process services


Sum&Substance, a global KYC/AML service provider, use Smart ID Engine for IDs scanning


Raiffeisenbank scans identity documents using Smart Engines technologies

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