17.12.2021 г.

Scientists have teamed up to create a new system for the automatic processing of tomographic data

The research company Smart Engines, specializing in developing algorithms for computer vision, machine learning, and AI, and the CNR Institute for Nanotechnology of the Italian National Research Council (CNR-Nanotec), have signed a three-year cooperation agreement. Its goal is to exchange experience in the development of algorithms for tomographic reconstruction in assessing the effectiveness of advanced treatment methods and in the study of neurovascular diseases. The collaborative research group has started implementing projects on neural network technologies for working with phase-contrast tomography images.

Within the framework of the signed act, it is planned to organize an academic and scientific exchange of experience, as well as an exchange of students and scientists, the development of a joint project in the field of development of methods of X-ray tomography and microscopy for assistance within the framework of national and international research programs.

Researchers from the Italian group have many years of expertise in performing unique measurements on world synchrotron radiation sources and the theoretical knowledge necessary to build mathematical models describing the imaging process. Scientists at Smart Engines can create energy-efficient neural network models that can reduce the radiation dose to patients during medical research using X-ray tomography. The need to reduce the dose load is a limitation for using existing medical computer systems and a place for the concentration of efforts of interdisciplinary research groups to create new designs for the automatic processing of high-resolution tomographic data.

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