02.09.2020 г.

Moscow Credit Bank implements AI-based recognition technology for clients’ data

Moscow Credit Bank (MCB) implements Smart IDReader technology by Smart Engines for instant recognition of clients’ IDs, credit cards and barcodes. Smart Engines technology is used in MCB Online mobile app to scan credit cards and barcodes when making payments.

Moscow Credit Bank implements AI-based recognition technology for clients’ data

Now bank’s clients have only to show their credit card to a smartphone camera to enter card number and validity. All necessary data is recognized and automatically entered into corresponding fields of a payment order. Almost instant recognition is possible even under low or extra light, on the go, in a taxi cab etc.
MCB managers are now using bank applications for off-premise banking services where Smart IDreader helps to draw contracts with automatic passport data extraction. To fill in a client card, it is now enough to scan the client’s passport with a smartphone camera. Smart IDReader provides an unparalleled safety of client data as all calculations are made autonomously on a gadget without transferring images to third parties or services for processing.

«To bring to our customers the highest standards of service, MCB actively involves the latest technological solutions for banking. Besides Smart IDReader for MCB online and off-premises service we have earlier installed this technology at gasoline stations POS terminals for banking and insurance products of SKS bank affiliate as well as in loyalty program application. Smart IDReader has proved its efficiency so we are going to continue our practice of using this technology for other purposes”, – comments Deputy Chairman of the MCB board Sergey Pupyatinsky.

«Our GreenOCR® technology is the basis of all Smart Engines products that serve for the comprehensive realization of “the responsible AI” concept with the priority for client care and sustainable development of the whole ecosystem. Our approach guarantees safety and confidentiality of client data, and our unique technological decisions minimize the energy consumption of users gadgets, which means lower environment impact”, – says Vladimir Arlazarov, Smart Engines CEO.

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