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AI developer Smart Engines introduced 18 new technologies in 2023

Smart Engines, a technological leader in the document recognition market, presented 18 new AI underlying technologies for its four products in 2023 – Smart ID Engine, Smart Code Engine, Smart Document Engine and Smart Tomo Engine. The company has proven its main approach Science First: in the past year, Smart Engines has been granted six patents in the United States. The company’s products are in demand from customers all over the world.

Smart ID Engine

An invention has expanded the list of supported documents: now there are more than 2500 types. Among many improvements, Smart ID Engine 2.2.0 raised the recognition accuracy of the Korean language by 15%. Smart Engines technology allows precise text OCR in more than 100 languages, including Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Cyrillic and Latin script, and more.

Smart ID Engine now supports 19 ID document types that were not supported previously or for which the template had been changed by the issuer. Thus, coverage was improved for some European countries (Greece, Ireland, Sweden, Hungary, and Switzerland), North America, China, Turkey, and others.

In total, Smart ID Engine can recognize 2567 types of ID documents from 230 countries and jurisdictions. The total number of unique templates has increased to 4047.

Smart Code Engine

This year Smart Engines created UniversalPay technology, which is a universal tool for quickly and conveniently entering payment data. Now the client in the bank application does not need to think about how he wants to pay or make a transfer – by QR, phone number, bank card details. The proprietary neural network determines by itself what a person is showing and the required payment script is automatically launched in the application.

In addition, the company’s scientists trained the AI to read handwritten bank card numbers and phone numbers, even if these numbers are written in several lines, as well as payment details on a document without a QR code. Smart Code Engine allows you to enter payment data into a mobile application from saved photos, or directly from a smartphone camera. The web version allows you to enter the payment data into a web browser in just 1 second.

Smart Document Engine

Thanks to the new generation of neural network architectures for OCR, Smart Engines researchers managed to achieve a significant improvement – by 10-15% – in the recognition of Cyrillic and Latin alphabets, as well as Arabic, Korean and Japanese. Smart Document Engine was trained to read lines that are not read left to right or right to left, but diagonally.

Smart Tomo Engine

In the software product for tomographic reconstruction Smart Tomo Engine, routine procedures for selecting the best reconstruction parameters were automated and the technology stack was updated. Tomography technologies have been added “under the control of reconstruction” (monitored reconstruction), taking into account the scattering of X-ray radiation, and reconstructing not the entire object, but only the area of interest.

General list of new Smart Engines technologies:

  • Technology to simplify payments UniversalPay
  • Recognition of payment details
  • Digital forensics
  • Scan cropped QRs
  • Recognition of handwritten bank card number
  • Barcode stream recognition or “barcode session”
  • Recognition of phone numbers and cards written in several lines
  • Detects folded and wrinkled pages
  • MRZ – 2 times faster
  • Tomographic reconstruction of the region of interest
  • Anytime mechanism – in the tomograph
  • Technology for taking into account X-ray scattering
  • Algorithm for calculating the discrete Radon transform with the highest possible sampling accuracy

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Caribbean Airlines improves passenger onboarding in its app with passport scanning by Smart Engines


iDenfy Upgrades Its Identity Verification Technology with Smart Engines solutions

BioCollections Worldwide

BioCollections Worldwide speeds up patient data intake for COVID-19 testing with Smart Engines


Travizory Border Security selected Smart Engines product for identification documents scanning

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