06.03.2024 г.

Scientists from Smart Engines have trained AI to check authenticity of passports from all countries

Scientists from the AI-company Smart Engines have trained an AI to detect passport forgeries from all countries and jurisdictions in the world. The anti-fraud system is able to check not only the photo page, but also all pages of documents. The AI solution with patented algorithms will help reduce the number of fraud cases involving forged documents and strengthen the fight against terrorism.

In total, the artificial intelligence is capable of checking more than 500 passport templates, including passports from Europe, CIS, South, Central and North America, Australia and Oceania, New Zealand, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, India, China, Korea and Japan.

While training the AI, the Smart Engines team used the one-shot learning approach. This means that in order to add a new document template, the artificial intelligence does not need to be trained on hundreds of examples or shown various forgeries. The algorithms require just one image (a specimen) of a document, and then they can find anomalies on other samples themselves.

The hardware-software complex includes Smart Engines software and a special multispectral scanner – which makes it possible to solve two key tasks simultaneously. The system instantly extracts data from a document and checks it for authenticity and validity in three ranges—optical, ultraviolet, and infrared. The entire scanning and verification process takes only a couple of seconds.

Built-in AI checks security features of the document substrate (protective fluorescent fibers, fluorescent ink, special printing paper, etc.), detects mechanical interventions in the document itself (mechanical corrections of data, re-labeling, and reprinting, etc.). In addition, artificial intelligence in chip passports compares the chip data with the document’s data. The system also verifies the “validity” of the document at the current moment in time.

The Smart Engines software suite can be used in banks to detect fraudsters and can also be employed in the tourism and transport industries to prevent terrorist acts. Additionally, the system can be installed at border checkpoints, not only enhancing security but also increasing throughput.

Earlier in 2023, Smart Engines researchers introduced a system that provides the authentication of documents from all countries worldwide in a digital channel. Users have access to document liveness verification, anti-photoshopping, copy-paste detection, and hologram authentication. The system automatically verifies the fonts used in the document and can check the security elements of passports, including the machine-readable zones (MRZ).

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