25.08.2021 г.

Smart Engines partners with the sports-betting company BALTBET to identify customers by ID scanning

The sports-betting company BALTBET has chosen the Smart ID Engine document scanning system to improve the customer identification process. The software product was developed by Smart Engines specialists and securely extracts the data of identity documents. This solution made the data entry process user-friendly and productive.

Smart Engines partners with the sports-betting company BALTBET to identify customers by ID scanning

BALTBET has been operating since 2003 and offers its customers a wide variety of betting opportunities on sporting events. To place bets, customers should be identified. In order to simplify the process, ID scanning from photos has been implemented using Smart ID Engine software. Customers do not have to fill in the form fields manually. When the client has uploaded a document photo, all the necessary data for onboarding is automatically entered in the appropriate fields.

The Smart ID Engine solution made it possible to reduce the time required for user onboarding in the BALTBET betting service. The time required for ID data extraction from a photo is less than 1 second. It is worth mentioning that high-quality data extraction is performed even from photos taken on low-end mobile phones.

The Smart ID Engine solution used for ID document recognition allows companies to securely process customers’ personal data, because document images are not transferred to third-party resources or services.

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