Developer of imaging and video technology company Smart Engines announces the release of a new version of the machine-readable zone of the documents recognition.

The main innovation was the implementation of the version with the recognition mode “anywhere”, which allows you to search MRZ-lines on the whole image of the document. Now in addition to mobile applications in which the machine readable area can detect in the video stream showing smartphone document camera system can be used in the server, desktop and terminal recognition solutions scans documents and photographs.

In the new version of the system added recognition of the Russian Federation visas, increased speed and quality of machine-readable visas recognition for type MRVA (used in the US, Japan and others) and type of MRVB (used in the Schengen countries and others).

Currently, Smart Engines solution to automatically extract data machine-readable zone on any passport and visa documents made in accordance with the ISO/ICAO standards (IEC 7501-1/ICAO Document 9303 ISO).

MRZ-line recognition technology company Smart Engines is available to customers in the form of components and documentation for integration for major platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, and others.).

The updated mobile application, demonstrating the capabilities of the new version, available in Google play and App Store