HIEROGLYPH is a framework of different optical character recognition and computer vision technologies available under several operating systems. HIEROGLYPH concept is employed in a range of 8 specialized products and is used to create bespoke solutions for our customers.

The core value of HIEROGLYPH technology is to increase the level of profitability by bolstering the performance of the business process with documents scanning and analysis.
To the point: speed and accuracy in the execution of the task are genuinely better delivered using less resource. Therefore, costs are reduced considerably.
In B-to-G and B-to-B, organizations will optimize and simplify their processes by reducing considerably entry time and by minimizing staff mistakes during data entry.
In B-to-B-to-C, when using an app, it will allow to improve the customer’s experience.

Bespoke Solutions

When it comes to a unique case, organizations solicit us because our expertise spans with optical character recognition, image processing, computer vision, machine learning, and documents analysis.

We demonstrate the highest scientific level of professionalism in our project management and engineering solutions by being flexible, reliable and open minded, always at the vanguard of the technology and by delivering the expected result on time and with the best quality. Answering to specific or outstanding requests is always an exciting challenge for us. Breaking the conventional rules by developing new and efficient methods is what our R&D is all about. This is what it takes to achieve technological greatness that allows our customers to simplify and facilitate their business.

For us, quality matters.

more than 150 organizations cooperate with us
talented professors
qualified employees working with us
8 products working on a variety of tasks