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QR code payments made easy for Rocketbank clients with Smart Engines technologies

Smart Engines have provided Rocketbank clients an opportunity to pay taxes, fines, and utility bills in one click by scanning the QR code using their mobile device. The automated QR capture feature is available for Android users, and allows to process the data in the video stream in real time,…


Smart Engines document capture technology becomes the first to recognize payment cards of any type

Smart Engines has introduced an updated version of its proprietary technology for recognition of bank cards Bank Card Engine. The solution makes it possible for banks, payment systems, and other users of the solution to capture data from payment cards of any type, including those in which data fields are…


Identity verification service Blockpass advances its KYC solution with Smart Engines

Blockpass IDN Ltd, a provider of digital identity verification for businesses in regulated industries, has integrated a document recognition system from Smart Engines into their app (iOS, Android). The recognition module allows scanning identity documents when creating an online profile, and supports: passports, ID-cards, and driving licenses.


Beeline improves convenience & speed of online shopping experience with automatic registration

Mobile network operator Beeline improves convenience and speed of online shopping experience by introducing automatic registration based on document recognition and authentication technology. The software integrated by Beeline was developed by Smart Engines, which specializes in computer vision and artificial intelligence.


Smart Engines document capture system has mastered handwriting recognition

Smart Engines has introduced a new version of its proprietary AI system Smart IDreader 3.3. The major feature of version 3.3 is the ability to capture and extract handwritten fields of the identity documents. Apart from that, among the improved capabilities is the recognition accuracy, which refers to over 1,100…


MegaFon uses Smart Passport Reader to reduce customer service time in its stores

Public Joint Stock Company “Megafon” (mobile operator) uses Smart Passport Reader to reduce customer service time in its stores.


The mobile operator MTS with over 100 million subscribers integrates Smart Engines recognition technology into SIM vending kiosks

MobileTeleSystems (MTS) integrates Smart Passport Reader into its SIM card issuing kiosks to optimize SIM purchase. Smart Engines OCR solution enables to provide seamless user on-boarding by quickly extracting customer identity data.


Green AI from Smart Engines presented on the Green Continent (Australia)

The R&D team of Smart Engines presented the brand new approaches to the reduction of carbon emission. Smart Engines committed to push forward the computer vision industry to become more ecological by developing low energy consumption OCR solutions that benefit the final users and for better preserving the resources of…


Software Update – Version 3.2.0

Smart Engines releases an updated version of the software. Version 3.2.0 supports over 1000 document types (1004, to be precise), from more than 200 countries. Furthermore, more importantly, the new version the system is able to recognize flat bank cards. Being a significant step forward, this means that our SDK…


Smart Engines automates services the mobile operator Beeline

Beeline, the brand company of Veon, introduces automatic subscriber registration, and enhances online customer experience of its online store, making it more convenient and fast. The newly integrated solution is based on the document recognition and authentication technology, which enables the mobile operator to process and deliver SIM cards, devices, and…

Our customers

Vodafone Qatar

Vodafone Qatar uses Smart Engines’ technology for scanning ID card of Qatar

Emirates NBD

Emirates NBD uses state-of-the-art technologies when opening a bank account via its Mobile Banking App


Rosbank has implemented an artificial intelligence solution for the paperwork

Oman Arab Bank

Smart Engines helps to implement Digital User Onboarding at Oman Arab Bank

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