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A mobile insurance app: get your insurance remotely

Life is full of lane changes and nowadays insurance has become an essential element of life for both citizens and organizations. Today you can insure virtually everything: health, bank deposits, employment, and family property, as well as real estate and cars. Insurance organizations deal with a large number of both individual and corporate clients in various fields of activity. It means that we have to take a responsible approach to collecting, structuring, processing, and storing client personal data. Given the fact that insurance services start increasingly working online and provide opportunities for self-registration of insurance policies without employees of insurance companies or insurance brokers, our top priority is to organize a fast and secure customer remote identification.

A mobile insurance app: get your insurance remotely

It is important for an insurance company that the ID processing is at the highest level of personal data protection, which is dictated by the strict requirements imposed on software by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. ID Engine technology, which is nowadays being implemented by insurance companies worldwide in their applications, helps you to process documents offline without sending information to third-party servers and cloud services, minimizing the risk of data leakage.

In the insurance industry, as well as in banking, well-implemented mobile apps play an increasingly important role in attracting new customers through convenience and retaining old customers. The insurance company’s implementation of the principle “all types of insurance in a single app” provides a client with the opportunity to apply for various types of insurance policies by him/herself. It is a win-win situation for both the insurance companies and the insurance consumer.

When you need to make out an insurance policy in your mobile app you should fill in a form with your personal information, the app will make the registration process for a new client as fast, easy and secure as possible. First of all, it’s necessary to provide the client with a warm, friendly, and easy on-boarding process, it includes ID recognition, automatic filling in the necessary fields, and document check for signs of forgery. This mobile application with integrated ID Engine document recognition technology installed on the client’s mobile device will ask to “show” the passport – use a photo of your ID or show the passport to the camera. Depending on how the integration was implemented, passport recognition can be run based on a document photo or in a real-time camera stream.

The process of ID recognition will take less than one second. It is also relevant to take into consideration that the client’s document images won’t be transmitted at all, all the recognition process is done on the client’s device and total data security is guaranteed.

After the ID recognition process, the app will ask you to take a selfie to verify whether or not the client and the person on the photo are the same person. For this purpose, Smart IDreader technology highlights the ID photo and compares it with the selfie taken.

The client’s ID will be also checked for signs of forgery. If the technology does not see essential document security features, the app will issue a corresponding warning.

Depending on the type of insurance, for easy and fast application form filling, the ability to recognize and automatically enter document data related to insurance objects based on intelligent document recognition (IDR) must be integrated into the insurance platform. In the case of car insurance, it is possible to recognize the certificate of title for a vehicle (CT), vehicle registration certificate (VRC), automatic data entry from the MOT certificate (the Ministry of Transport), and driver license. In the case of real-estate insurance, it is possible to recognize the certificate of ownership for a house or flat and certificate of real estate objects automatically.

Even complex document recognition containing tables and multiple fields is performed almost instantly. Embedded algorithms allow the client to put the document in front of the smartphone camera without prior “target” and in natural lighting conditions. Artificial intelligence independently determines the angle of inclination and projective distortion, finds the document image and extracts the necessary fields. Thus, this process is performed on the user’s device, and user data is not transmitted to remote servers or cloud storage as is the case with passport recognition.

In the field of insurance, automatic document recognition systems allow you to optimize processes both while selling a policy and settling insurance claims. In both processes, it is important not only to identify the user, but also to check the correctness of filled out documents and the list of required documents.

The system allows to process single-and multi-page documents automatically with fixed fields layout, documents with floating blocks and fields, unstructured textual documents, tables, inscriptions, and even separate lines and marks.

The system extracts data from blanks, forms, and documents automatically but also observes certain procedures and formalities. The system will check whether there is a signature, stamp or logo, whether they are the right color, whether they are in the right place, and whether the text is handwritten. Finally, the system can check the integrity and immutability of the form, document, or its contents.


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