08.07.2021 г.

Smart Engines SDK 1.4.0: Meet OCR that is faster than a human blink!

AI-driven technologies of Smart Engines became faster and greener!  We’ve got you covered and added some new features as requested. Today Smart Engines SDK 1.4.0. presents in-browser document scanning to bring security for web applications, credit card scanning of 21 payment systems, AAMVA-compliant PDF417 decoding for USA driver’s license and EU payment slips recognition. Moreover, with the new-added Bengali language OCR, we support the scanning of documents in 102 languages. 

Smart Engines SDK 1.4.0: Meet OCR that is faster than a human blink!

GreenOCR® upgrades in Smart Engines SDK 1.4.0

* Added Bengali language OCR
* Improved recognition of Arabic, Persian and Urdu
* Improved recognition of Cyrillic based and Latin based alphabets, as well as numerical fields 
* Significantly reduced configuration size and footprint of neural network models

Common Smart Engines SDK 1.4.0 improvements

* Added static offline library authentication mechanism. IMPORTANT: session signatures are now mandatory
* Added WebAssembly support for fully functional in-browser recognition
* Improved configuration and image processing speed
* New system for improved false-positive document detection filtering
* Reduced memory footprint, improved speed and responsiveness of document location

Smart Code Engine 1.4.0

* Added AAMVA-compliant PDF417 decoding for USA driver’s license
* Added optional data extraction from bank cards
* Improved barcodes scanning of PDF417, DataMatrix, QR and AZTEC* Improved MRZ detection and recognition
* Improved scanning of bank cards with 19-digit card numbers, including RuPay, Verve, V Pay, Interac, and others
* Improved UnionPay bank cards recognition

Smart ID Engine 1.4.0

* Added Russian passport recognition mode with projective distortions correction for mobile use case
* Improved recognition of vehicle registration and civil certificates
* New document types added:
— Armenia vehicle registration certificate
— Bahrain driving licence
— Bolivia driving licence
— Brazil tax identification card
— Brunei Darussalam driving licence
— Costa Rica driving licence
— Curaçao driving licence
— Eswatini driving licence
— Guatemala driving licence
— Guernsey driving licence
— Jersey driving licence
— Macao driving licence
— Moldova vehicle registration certificate
— Mozambique driving licence
— Niger driving licence
— Panama ID card
— Saint Kitts and Nevis ID card
— Seychelles driving licence
— Somalia driving licence
— Tajikistan vehicle registration certificate
— Tonga driving licence
— Turkmenistan vehicle registration certificate
— Vanuatu driving licence
— Venezuela driving licence
— Yemen driving licence
— Zambia driving licence
— Zimbabwe driving licence
* New templates added for document types:
— Australia driving licence (Victoria)
— Belize driving licence
— Canada ID card
— Canada residence permit
— Côte d’Ivoire driving licence
— France ID card (new format)
— Indonesia driving licence
— Kazakhstan vehicle registration certificates
— Pakistan driving licence
— Philippines ID card
— Russia work permit
— Saudi Arabia driving licence
— Slovenia residence permits
— Turkey residence permit
— USA driving licence (3 new templates)
— USA medical cards
— USA vehicle registration certificates (12 new templates)

* Revised zero-length fields policy: empty fields will be returned with zero confidence by default
* Smart Document Forensics: Improved font-based forensics for Russian internal passport Smart ID Engine 1.4.0 * Smart Document Forensics: introduced new Computation Document Forensic AI, with 11 threat prevention models
* Other fixes and improvements

Smart Document Engine 1.4.0

* Added EU payment slips recognition (Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, The Netherlands, Slovenia)
* Improved false-positive document detection filtering for fixed layout forms
* Improved speed and accuracy of document location in photos
* Improved tables detection and parsing
* New document types added:  
— Austria payment slip  
— Croatia payment slip  
— Slovenia payment slip
— Switzerland payment slip 
— The Netherlands payment slip
— Universal transfer document of Russian Federation
— Corporate payment invoice of Russian Federation (most common format)

* Reduced memory footprint, improved speed and responsiveness of fixed layout forms location
* Other fixes and improvements

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Our customers


Moneza (part of TWINO Group) integrated Smart ID Engine to automate user onboarding and customer identification


Sum&Substance, a global KYC/AML service provider, use Smart ID Engine for IDs scanning

NEC de Colombia

NEC chooses Smart Engines for digital Onboarding project in Peru

Emirates NBD

Emirates NBD uses state-of-the-art technologies when opening a bank account via its Mobile Banking App

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