08.07.2021 г.

Smart Engines SDK 1.4.0: Meet OCR that is faster than a human blink!

AI-driven technologies of Smart Engines became faster and greener!  We’ve got you covered and added some new features as requested. Today Smart Engines SDK 1.4.0. presents in-browser document scanning to bring security for web applications, credit card scanning of 21 payment systems, AAMVA-compliant PDF417 decoding for USA driver’s license and EU payment slips recognition. Moreover, with the new-added Bengali language OCR, we support the scanning of documents in 102 languages. 

Smart Engines SDK 1.4.0: Meet OCR that is faster than a human blink!

GreenOCR® upgrades in Smart Engines SDK 1.4.0

* Added Bengali language OCR
* Improved recognition of Arabic, Persian and Urdu
* Improved recognition of Cyrillic based and Latin based alphabets, as well as numerical fields 
* Significantly reduced configuration size and footprint of neural network models

Common Smart Engines SDK 1.4.0 improvements

* Added static offline library authentication mechanism. IMPORTANT: session signatures are now mandatory
* Added WebAssembly support for fully functional in-browser recognition
* Improved configuration and image processing speed
* New system for improved false-positive document detection filtering
* Reduced memory footprint, improved speed and responsiveness of document location

Smart Code Engine 1.4.0

* Added AAMVA-compliant PDF417 decoding for USA driver’s license
* Added optional data extraction from bank cards
* Improved barcodes scanning of PDF417, DataMatrix, QR and AZTEC* Improved MRZ detection and recognition
* Improved scanning of bank cards with 19-digit card numbers, including RuPay, Verve, V Pay, Interac, and others
* Improved UnionPay bank cards recognition

Smart ID Engine 1.4.0

* Added Russian passport recognition mode with projective distortions correction for mobile use case
* Improved recognition of vehicle registration and civil certificates
* New document types added:
– Armenia vehicle registration certificate
– Bahrain driving licence
– Bolivia driving licence
– Brazil tax identification card
– Brunei Darussalam driving licence
– Costa Rica driving licence
– Curaçao driving licence
– Eswatini driving licence
– Guatemala driving licence
– Guernsey driving licence
– Jersey driving licence
– Macao driving licence
– Moldova vehicle registration certificate
– Mozambique driving licence
– Niger driving licence
– Panama ID card
– Saint Kitts and Nevis ID card
– Seychelles driving licence
– Somalia driving licence
– Tajikistan vehicle registration certificate
– Tonga driving licence
– Turkmenistan vehicle registration certificate
– Vanuatu driving licence
– Venezuela driving licence
– Yemen driving licence
– Zambia driving licence
– Zimbabwe driving licence
* New templates added for document types:
– Australia driving licence (Victoria)
– Belize driving licence
– Canada ID card
– Canada residence permit
– Côte d’Ivoire driving licence
– France ID card (new format)
– Indonesia driving licence
– Kazakhstan vehicle registration certificates
– Pakistan driving licence
– Philippines ID card
– Russia work permit
– Saudi Arabia driving licence
– Slovenia residence permits
– Turkey residence permit
– USA driving licence (3 new templates)
– USA medical cards
– USA vehicle registration certificates (12 new templates)

* Revised zero-length fields policy: empty fields will be returned with zero confidence by default
* Smart Document Forensics: Improved font-based forensics for Russian internal passport Smart ID Engine 1.4.0 * Smart Document Forensics: introduced new Computation Document Forensic AI, with 11 threat prevention models
* Other fixes and improvements

Smart Document Engine 1.4.0

* Added EU payment slips recognition (Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, The Netherlands, Slovenia)
* Improved false-positive document detection filtering for fixed layout forms
* Improved speed and accuracy of document location in photos
* Improved tables detection and parsing
* New document types added:  
– Austria payment slip  
– Croatia payment slip  
– Slovenia payment slip
– Switzerland payment slip 
– The Netherlands payment slip
– Universal transfer document of Russian Federation
– Corporate payment invoice of Russian Federation (most common format)

* Reduced memory footprint, improved speed and responsiveness of fixed layout forms location
* Other fixes and improvements

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BioCollections Worldwide

BioCollections Worldwide speeds up patient data intake for COVID-19 testing with Smart Engines


Travizory Border Security selected Smart Engines product for identification documents scanning

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Smart Engines technology helps Royal Caribbean Group streamline the guest boarding experience


Raiffeisenbank scans identity documents using Smart Engines technologies

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