23.11.2023 г.

Smart Engines scientists have found a way to stop AI and patented their technology in the USA

The Smart Engines company has found an answer to one of the most pressing questions in the field of AI today — when the work of artificial intelligence should be stopped. Scientists have proposed a decision to stop AI not based on already received data, but grounded on a forecast of the future when the next portion of data has not yet been received. This method is relevant primarily for solving the task of text recognition in a video stream. However, its principles can also be used in other real-time AI systems, such as computer vision for unmanned systems. Smart Engines has patented its proprietary technology in the United States, thus obtaining the fifth U.S. patent.

Smart Engines engineers have learned to predict the result of recognizing the next frame, and if it does not improve the current recognition result, the decision is made not to continue the process. The invention described in the patent made it possible to speed-up the compute required for such decision making by dozens of times. Thanks to this, the document recognition in a video stream is faster and more accurate. On mobile devices the technology allows saving computing resources and battery life.

This patent is the fifth that Smart Engines has received in the field of AI this year in the United States and the sixth since the company has been founded. Previously, it received U.S. patents for a number of its key inventions – an efficient location and identification of documents in images, a text recognition in a video stream using a combination of recognition results with per-character weighting, and AI using convolutional neural networks with Hough transform. The company received another patent for a key invention in the field of computed tomography.

“Since the company’s inception, we have been committed to the principle of Science First and working at the forefront of science while solving business problems. We have received five patents in the USA this year alone, but we have no intention of stopping. We have a lot of other interesting technologies. As soon as we receive the patents, we will tell you about them,” says CEO of Smart Engines, PhD in Computer Science Vladimir Arlazarov.

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