21.07.2021 г.

Meet Smart Engines SDK 1.5.0: now supporting 1700 identity documents!

Smart Engines SDK 1.5.0 for mobile, desktop, server and web applications exceeds all expectations from OCR by accuracy, speed, and number of supported languages. Explore all 1700 identity documents securely and quickly recognized by Smart Engines.


With the updates of this version, our mobile SDK will report to a user that ID scanning on both sides is possible. For example, this mode enables to easily scan EU ID card from both sides within a single session in a mobile app.

We delved into developing more USA IDs to scan: we added work permit and new driver’s license templates, medcards, residence permit and vehicle registration certificates. And do not miss other improvements and updates of automated data extraction from video, photos or scans.

Common Smart Engines SDK 1.5.0 improvements

* Added configuration models protection
* Minor speed improvements
* WebAssembly speed improvement
* Reduced memory footprint and configuration size for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
* Improved document location and identification accuracy
* Improved Bengali recognition
* Improved Arabic recognition
* Improved recognition accuracy of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
* Improved OCR accuracy for most document types
* Fixed potential memory errors on 32-bit ARM devices

Smart Code Engine 1.5.0

* Improved detection precision and speed for QR codes, DataMatrix, AZTEC, and PDF417
* Improved bank cards recognition speed
* Improved optional data recognition accuracy for bank cards
* Improved server mode for debit and credit cards recognition in arbitrary orientation
* Improved MRZ detection and recognition accuracy

Smart ID Engine 1.5.0

* Added IdDocumentInfo class to report document description
* Added ID card recognition on both sides – reporting separate terminal pages
* Booklet mode for Russian national passport recognition on mobile devices
* Improved face matching accuracy and speed
* Improved Russian national passport recognition accuracy
* New document types added:
– Angola driving licence
– Aruba driving licence
– Azerbaijan residence permit
– Malawi driving licence
– Qatar company establishment card
– Qatar driving licence
– Turkey work permit
– Uganda driving licence
– Ukraine residence permit
– USA work permit
– British Virgin Islands driving licence
* New templates added for document types:
– Bolivia driving licence
– Colombia ID cards
– France Residence permit
– Haiti ID cards
– Sri Lanka ID card
– Russian INN certificate
– USA driving licence
– USA medcards (Bluecross)
– USA residence permit
– USA vehicle registration certificates
* Now 1700 document types supported
* Other minor fixes and improvements

Smart Document Engine 1.5.0

* Improved fixed layout forms location and identification accuracy
* Other minor fixes and improvements

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Our customers

Oman Arab Bank

Smart Engines helps to implement Digital User Onboarding at Oman Arab Bank


Travizory Border Security selected Smart Engines product for identification documents scanning


Japanese provider of IT services Smaregi has adopted mobile OCR by Smart Engines

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines uses Smart Engines’ ID scanning software

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