Smart Passport Reader

Passport Reader is a passport capture solution that recognizes passports of every country in the world, and its set of functions allows to capture not only text data, but also capture the image of the entire document, scan passport photo and the graphic fields (signature).

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Smart MRZ Reader

MRZ Reader allows to quickly capture the Machine Readable Zone from a passport, visa or any other document issued by the government in accordance with ISO / ICAO standards (IEC 7501-1 / ICAO Document 9303 ISO) automatically in the video stream.

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Smart BankCard Reader

Bank Card Reader enables to extract bank card number, its expiry date and the name of a cardholder in real time from any device equipped with a video camera with 640 × 480 pixels resolution. Integrate this recognition technology into your payment services.

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Smart Plate Reader

License Plate Reader is an ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition) solution which allows to recognize car plate numbers from smartphones and tablets (Android / iOs) on the fly.

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Smart Barcode Reader

Smart Barcode Reader is a wireless barcode capture solution for barcode recognition in video stream and on still images. Under the general Hieroglyph SDK interface you can get recognition of such one- and two-dimensional barcode types as QR code, PDF-417, AZTEC, CODE-39, EAN-13, UPC-A and more.

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Smart Document Crop

Smart Document Crop (previously Smart ReSquare) is a software product designed to intelligently find a rectangular document on the still photograph or a video frame and perform a high-precision perspective rectification of the document in order to use the image for further processing.

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