29.01.2021 г.

System update | Smart Engines released the Smart ID Engine SDK 1.2.0

Smart Engines has updated the Smart ID Engine SDK to version 1.2.0. We have added a new MRZ detection and recognition method for server solutions, improved the face detection quality on all IDs, increased the document detection and localization speed, and improved the process of scanning AZTEC and DataMatrix barcodes.

System update | Smart Engines released the Smart ID Engine SDK 1.2.0

Version 1.2.0 automatically recognizes photos and scans of documents of any quality, as well as video streams from a webcam or smartphone while shooting in any conditions.

* Improved document detection and localization speed
* Improved document detection reliability
* Improved AZTEC and DataMatrix barcodes scanning quality
* New MRZ detection and recognition method for the server use case,
improved detection precision and recognition accuracy
* Speed-up of DataMatrix barcodes scanning
* Improved face detection on all identity documents
* Deep visual memory caching feature — the ability to
store pre-built index for large internal engines to
speed up initialization

* New document types added:
— Jordan driving licence
— Sudan ID
— Eswatini ID
— Togo ID

* New templates added for document types:

— Cyprus residence permit
— Guatemala ID
— Senegal ID
— Slovakia ID
— Sint Maarten ID
— Syria ID
— USA driving licence (Colorado, Missouri, Puerto Rico)
— Vietnam driving licence
— South Africa ID
* Other fixes and improvements

Smart ID Engine SDK 1.2.0 is now able to extract data from 1555 types of documents in more than 100 languages.

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2e Systems

2e Systems use Smart Engines technologies in solutions for the airline industry.


Tessi use Smart Engines AI-based solutions into its business process services

NEC de Colombia

NEC chooses Smart Engines for digital Onboarding project in Peru

BioCollections Worldwide

BioCollections Worldwide speeds up patient data intake for COVID-19 testing with Smart Engines

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