Smart Engines releases an updated version of the software.

Version 3.2.0 supports over 1000 document types (1004, to be precise), from more than 200 countries. Furthermore, more importantly, the new version the system is able to recognize flat bank cards. Being a significant step forward, this means that our SDK can recognize embossed, indent, and flat bank cards with unconstrained format (characters on the back background – i.e. card numbers; cards with vertical templates, etc.).

Some other improvements and bug fixes:

– quality improvements for EU documents;

– quality improvements for Russian documents;

– major quality improvements for CIS countries documents;

– quality improvements of Barcode recognition;

– quality improvements of bank card recognition;

– minor quality improvements of MRZ recognition;

– minor CJK quality improvements;

– minor quality and speed improvements for all supported documents;

– a lot of bugs fixed.

The new version of Smart ID Reader is available for download in the AppStore and Google Play.

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