02.04.2020 г.

Smart Engines releases Smart IDReader v.3.6

Smart Engines has released the new version of its AI system for recognition of documents. With the upgrade, data extraction is performed at the highest level of precision, including through the added ability to check the document authenticity. In the development of the latest version, the main emphasis was put on increasing the security of data processing, given that the system is broadly used in services that require remote identification.

The document authenticity analysis includes: machine-readable zone (MRZ) screening, inspection of colors of pages and stamps – the system verifies if the latter match the reference values, and ensures whether specific security elements are present and correctly displayed. Thus, the technical solution helps to significantly reduce the risk of using compromised documents in financial, insurance, medical and other services, which normally involve remote user identification. Among other system improvements:

  • Improved recognition of the two-dimensional AZTEC codes (used on various receipts);
  • Increased recognition accuracy of all types of bank cards; 
  • Improved algorithms for automatic document type identification. 

The company’s achievements in the field of computer vision and machine learning allow the system to operate sustainably both on images and in a video stream, when scanning the document using the camera of a smartphone or a webcam. The new version of the SDK implements system-wide upgrade of recognition algorithms that enable user-friendly document recognition experience, in various scanning conditions. The AI independently determines the angle and perspective of the document, finds it in the image and extracts the necessary fields. The reliability of results can be guaranteed at a provided minimum character height of 10 pixels.

Smart IDReader demo application is available for download on the App Store and Google play.

About Smart Engines

Smart Engines is the developer of integrated solutions for the recognition of identification documents based on many years of fundamental development by Russian scientists in the field of artificial intelligence and machine vision. Largest organizations from IT, communication and financial markets both in Russia and abroad are using Smart Engines software systems for recognition of various types of documents. The company’s technical solutions became the key element of the digital economy infrastructure and provide document recognition at the highest accuracy and security levels. 

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