21.09.2021 г.

AI Technologies by Tessi and Smart Engines are solving global European challenges

Tessi successfully uses Smart Engines AI technologies to solve challenges of recognition of complex, multipage flexible and fixed-template forms on a national and European scale. The partnership began 3 years ago and by now 4 million documents were processed with Smart Engines technologies. In the next 3 years, it is estimated that at least 20 million scans and digital native documents will be processed. This strong alliance of innovation-driven companies brings together a common desire for confidentiality and security of personal data, cutting-edge approaches, and environmental responsibility for future generations.

AI Technologies by Tessi and Smart Engines are solving global European challenges

As a major European player in Business Process Services, Tessi has deployed Smart Engines technology of image processing and data extraction. Smart Engines is the leading developer of AI-based document recognition systems. Smart Document Engine is its high-end document recognition product that enables Tessi to tackle large development projects for Digital transformation in France and Europe. Smart Engines OCR helps Tessi to process ID documents and complex business documents, with the best quality, speed and prevent document fraud. This cutting-edge solution complies with the personal data regulations and privacy standards.

GreenOCR® technology, which is part of Smart Document Engine, provides high-precision printed text recognition (OCR), handwritten form filling (ICR), as well as label and checkbox recognition (OMR). The AI-powered algorithms are able to handle complex documents and support various types of tables. According to the main principles of both partners, proprietary Smart Engines GreenOCR® solution, based on energy-efficient algorithms, reduces the environmental impact, particularly, the carbon footprint.

In a bid to tackle the mentioned issues, Smart Engines offered Smart Document Engine SDK which makes the document handling processes easier and faster, by consuming a small amount of energy, and guarantees client’s data privacy and security by meeting the GDPR compliance demands.

“Establishing the digital transformation of all kinds of businesses is becoming increasingly sought after by many organizations. This prosperous partnership is a step towards the sustainable development of some business solutions by Tessi and is a boost to business effectiveness. Usage of Smart Engines’ cutting-edge SDKs leads to smoother digitization of document processes while working on large issues on a national and European scale,” states Pierre Charara, Alliances Director, Tessi France.

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