16.09.2019 г.

2e Systems GmbH & Smart Engines collaborated to celebrate Croatian flag carrier 30th anniversary and released in-app, which automates and speeds up passenger’s onboarding process

Croatia Airlines — Croatia’s national air carrier and a member of the Star Alliance, improves the quality of its service with the integration by the German company 2e Systems of Smart Engines OCR SDK into its mobile application. Available for iOS and Android, the solution speeds up the passenger’s onboarding process by scanning the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) on passport.

To perform the recognition, the passenger is invited to show his identity document to the camera of his smartphone and hold it for less than 2 seconds, during which the system automatically detects the MRZ and extracts the necessary data to prefill the Croatia Airlines application form.
It is important to underline that for preventing any leak, all calculations are performed on the device itself in real time, without transferring any data to an external servers for processing.
The solution has been integrated into Croatia Airlines mobile app made by 2e Systems, which specializes in web, mobile and communications solutions for the airline industry. The application is available in four languages – English, German, French, and Croatian.
In addition to document scanning feature, passengers can also check their flight status in real time; by simply specifying the flight number, the airline or the airport, passenger receives updated information on the status of a particular flight, directly from Croatia Airlines operating system. In addition to that, the passengers may use the checkout option if they wish to cancel their flight.
The upgraded version of Croatian Airlines application is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

About Smart Engines

Smart Engines is a software development company with a broad expertise in computer vision, document processing and OCR, mobile recognition systems and artificial intelligence. Main products of Smart Engines are computer vision solutions and document analysis systems.
Smart Engines technology allows extracting data from identity documents in the video steam in real time. Based on the proprietary AI platform HIEROGLYPH the system is able to recognize more than 900 document types in more than 40 languages from 180+ countries. In the latest SDK version the platform deploys an advanced 8-bit OCR technology, as well as latest stage of algorithms for identification and orientation of documents.

Apart from developing computer vision products and solutions, Smart Engines regularly publishes scientific papers and is well known in the international scientific community as a key player in the field of artificial intelligence.
Website www.beta.smartengines.com
For contact info@beta.smartengines.com, sales@beta.smartengines.com

About 2e Systems GmbH

2e Systems is a highly versatile, fast and flexible computer engineering company specializing in online booking, e-commerce, NDC platform, check-in, mobile, chatbot and passenger & crew communication solutions for the airline industry.

The company was founded in February 2000 near Frankfurt, Germany, and has grown to include offices in Croatia, the UK, Australia, Ireland and the US. We are an international team of over 110 aviation industry professionals representing 28 different nationalities that can deliver innovative, cost-effective and omnichannel solutions.

2e Systems offers all professional services: conception, definition, business analysis, project, client and product management, application development, quality testing, enhancements and support.

Our mission is to develop and innovate superior software which enables airlines to enhance their e-commerce sales, operational communication systems, overall passenger satisfaction and client loyalty.

We work hand-in-hand as partners with our customers to support their fast-evolving digital strategies to remain competitive. 2e Systems is considered an industry leader in delivering flexible modular software applications for airline clients around the world. For further information on our products please visit 2e-systems.com.

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