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Smart Engines is a corporate-academic institution with a focus on AI-related research. Our team of internationally respected experts works at the forefront of document recognition, computational imaging and tomography.

To put it simply, Smart Engines is built on science. The team brings together more than 60 scientists, including two Doctorates and 16 PhDs. Our core developers are all faculty members of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and professors in the Department of Cognitive Technologies. The Department itself is headed by Professor Vladimir L. Arlazarov – Director of Science at Smart Engines.Our research papers are published by the world’s most respected scientific journals and we regularly participate in leading international conferences such as ICDAR, ICIP and ICMV.

In 2017, Smart Engines won ICDAR’s International Document Image Binarization Competition. That followed a previous third place at the same organisation’s 2015 smartphone document capture contest.

Relentless Research.
Constant Development.

From meeting the day to day challenges of a mobile world to exploring internal structures in 3D, our scientific thinking brings clarity, insight and innovation to document recognition.

Document recognition technologies

Uncontrolled capture conditions. Unknown parameters of the capture equipment. Computational complexities of the capture method. The size of a downloaded file. Human error in entering data onto systems. Smart Engines applies deep scientific thinking to create the OCR technologies that overcome common challenges to document recognition in video streams and photography.

Computational Imaging and Tomography

As one of the most powerful non-destructive testing methods in the optical range, machine vision remains limited to the surface of an object. Smart Engines specialises in the scientific development and practical deployment of computed tomography software that allows the exploration of three- dimensional internal structures – essential for medicine, industrial diagnostics, and scientific laboratories.


  • Calibration and alignment of new generation tomographs.
  • Optimised and customised reconstruction of images from data collected in difficult conditions such as ultra-low doses, tomosynthesis, the presence of highly absorbing inclusions in the object, etc
  • Computational visualisation with automatic processing and semantic analysis of results.

Insufficient public datasets prevent the comprehensive study of AI-powered document recognition on mobile devices. Existing datasets can be useful for certain associated tasks, but they are not enough to create and test the technologies required for recognising identity documents. Until now. The Smart Engines Mobile Identity Document Video dataset (MIDV-500) consists of 500 video clips covering 50 different types of identity document. Since this kind of document contains personal data, all source images are either publicly available or do not infringe copyright.

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Free demo apps allow you to experience the power of Smart Engines software for intelligent document scanning in a real-world context.

Why not experience the power of Smart Engines for yourself? Our demo apps allow you to test the capabilities of our identity document recognition software on mobile devices in videostream or in a single image (photo, scan).

Simply display any document to the camera in real-time or choose a photo from the gallery, and the app will recognize and capture the necessary data.

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