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Identity document scanning

Recognition of ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, visas, residence permits, and more. Works on a mobile phone or server, on photos and scans, regardless of their quality, as well in the video stream from a smartphone or web camera, robust to capturing conditions. No data transfer – scanning is performed on-device and on-premise.

Credit cards, barcodes, MRZ scanning

Recognition of data from codified objects. Captures MRZ (machine-readable zone), embossed and indent-printed bank cards, PDF417, QR code, and other linear and 2D barcodes using a smartphone’s camera, on the fly. Works in mobile applications (on-device) and photographs, regardless of lighting conditions, even with unclear shots.


Document & Form Reading software

Automatic extraction of data from documents (KYC questionnaires, applications, tests and etc), administrative papers (accounting documents, corporate reports, business forms), and government forms (financial statements, insurance policies, etc). Recognizes scans and photographs taken in natural conditions. Total security: only on-premise installation.

Computational Imaging and Tomography

Green AI for Tomographic reconstruction and visualization. Algorithmization of the image reconstruction process directly in the process of X-ray tomographic scanning. Our aspiration is to reduce the radiation dose received during the exposure by finding the optimal termination point of scanning.

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Smart Engines scientists have found a way to stop AI and patented their technology in the USA

The Smart Engines company has found an answer to one of the most pressing questions in the field of AI today — when the work of artificial intelligence should be stopped. Scientists have proposed a decision to stop AI not based on already received data, but grounded on a forecast…


Smart Engines Updates ID Scanning AI

Smart Engines, a leading developer of OCR technologies, announced a new generation of all of the company’s products for scanning ID cards, driver’s licenses, passports, credit cards, barcodes, accounting documents, and KYC questionnaires. Smart Engines enhances machine-readable zone recognition on passports, error rate reduced by further 23%. Many companies of…


US Patent Granted for AI Technology Implemented by Forbes Global 2000 List Members

Researchers at Smart Engines have been granted a US patent for a key component of smartphone document scanning technology using a video camera. The development is at the heart of the Smart Engines‘ range of SDKs used by global corporations and SMEs. Unlike the handheld scanners used in previous generations…


AI developer Smart Engines has achieved carbon neutrality

Smart Engines, a leading developer of OCR, bank card and QR code scanning systems, has achieved carbon neutrality. The company has managed to fully offset its carbon footprint by participating in forest restoration projects. In May 2023, Smart Engines planted 3,500 English Oak seedlings in the UNESCO-sponsored Biosphere Reserve. The…

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