Our demo applications demonstrates capabilities of identity documents recognition on mobile devices. These solutions allows you to recognize documents while using video/photo cameras and scanners in mobile, desktop, server and terminal solutions. With this technology you only need to present the document to the camera to let application recognize all required data and then fill them in any file, form or a work sheet.

Demo applications requests permission to access the camera of the device in order to perform document recognition. Some demo applications may request permissions to access the Photo gallery in order to demonstrate single-photo document recognition. Some demo applications may feature “Make a request” functionality which will open the Mail sending dialog from external mailing application in order to contact Smart Engines sales department. Demo applications does not allow to copy the recognized data and does not send this data to outside servers or anywhere else. The recognition is performed entirely on-device and the sole purpose of demo applications is to perform recognition and show the results to the user.

These apps contain no malware or viruses. Download any of them only from Google Play or App Store to ensure that you get the official copy of the application.

If you require any additional information, please contact us at support@smartengines.com

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