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Green AI-powered scanner SDK of ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, residence permits, visas, and other ids, more than 2484+ types in total. Provides eco-friendly, fast and precise scanning SDK for a smartphone, web, desktop or server, works fully autonomously. Extracts data from photos and scans, as well as in the video stream from a smartphone or web camera, is robust to capturing conditions. No data transfer — ID scanning is performed on-device and on-premise.


Automatic scanning of machine-readable zones (MRZ); all types of credit cards: embossed, indent-printed, and flat-printed; barcodes: PDF417, QR code, AZTEC, DataMatrix, and others on the fly by a smartphone’s camera. Provides high-quality MRZ, barcode, and credit card scanning in mobile applications on-device regardless of lighting conditions. Supports card scanning of 21 payment systems.



Automatic data extraction from business and legal documents: KYC/AML questionnaires, applications, tests, etc, administrative papers (accounting documents, corporate reports, business forms, and government forms — financial statements, insurance policies, etc). High-quality Green AI-powered OCR on scans and photographs taken in real conditions. Total security: only on-premise installation. Automatically scans document data in 2 seconds on a modern smartphone.


Green AI for Tomographic reconstruction and visualization. Algorithmization of the image reconstruction process directly during the X-ray tomographic scanning process. We aspire to reduce the radiation dose received during the exposure by finding the optimal termination point of scanning.

Products and solutions

ID document scanning SDK

Document data scanning from ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, vehicle registration certificates (VRC), visas, birth certificates, insurance cards, and other documents. Supports scanning of over 2484 types of identity documents of 210+ territories and entities worldwide. Works on a mobile phone, tablet, or server, web camera, with photos and scans of documents, as well as in the video stream from a web or smartphone camera, regardless of their quality, and is robust to capturing conditions.

Data extraction and document capturing solutions

Automated data entry of government, legal, and business documents: fixed forms, semi-structured and unstructured documents (primary accounting documents, KYC forms, consent forms to the personal data processing, applications, tax certificates, balance sheets, P&L statements, payment orders) from scans and photos taken in natural conditions, including automated document classification, text fields recognition, checking the presence of stamps and signatures and document package consistency checks.

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AI developer Smart Engines introduced 18 new technologies in 2023

Smart Engines, a technological leader in the document recognition market, presented 18 new AI underlying technologies for its four products in 2023 – Smart ID Engine, Smart Code Engine, Smart Document Engine and Smart Tomo Engine. The company has proven its main approach Science First: in the past year, Smart…


Smart Engines has enhanced its AI system capable of detecting forged documents through holograms

The AI developer at Smart Engines has improved the functionality of its software product for recognizing and verifying the authenticity of identification documents. This system allows extracting the data from passports and ID cards in a matter of seconds, as well as verifying their authenticity, particularly by detecting holographic protection.…


Smart Engines trained AI to see hidden spaces and patented its technology in the USA

Smart Engines has received an American patent for another one of its proprietary inventions. With its help, AI can restore the parameters of three-dimensional space from a two-dimensional image. Smart Engines scientists have proposed using Hough Transforms as layers of a neural network, making it better at computer vision tasks,…


The new version of Smart ID Engine recognizes Korean 15% better

Smart Engines presented a new version of the Smart ID Engine, a system for scanning ID cards, passports, driving licenses, and other identity documents. It has expanded the list of supported documents: now there are more than 2500 types. Among many improvements, Smart ID Engine 2.2.0 raised the recognition accuracy…

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    Please fill out the form to get more information about the products,pricing and trial SDK for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows.