June 19, 2020 | Use Cases

Get your medical care easy and quickly as 1, 2, 3 (using ID documents, a medical insurance card, or a social security card)

Remote document recognition eases the process of getting medical care and helps to avoid queues, it minimizes the inconvenience, frustration, and confusion when getting and providing the service. The issue of reducing patient wait times who are coming in by ambulance, waiting for medical care in the emergency department, or enrolling in a medical organization for the first time is especially relevant.

In most medical facilities, where the service is provided on a first-come, first-served basis, the process of newcomer’s medical record formalization is time-consuming. Thus, very often patients have to fill out a patient’s intake form on their own by hand, while the front desk personnel enters the same patient ID information into the Hospital Information System (HIS). This tricky process takes 5 minutes at least and inside the walls of the hospital, this process becomes longer than life.

ID Engine technology allows you to reduce time on filling up these forms up to a few seconds. The technology helps to fill up the required patient’s data into the registration forms automatically – ID, medical insurance, INILA number, or other necessary documents. Integration of ID Engine technology into remote ID registration systems in health centers, hospital departments, or mobile walk-in clinics can help to overcome logjams in the emergency room once and for all.

A stationary scanner with an installed system for automatic recognition and data entry from ID documents, a medical insurance card will allow the newcomers to register by themselves in Hospital Information System within 1-2 minutes and get a card to the hospital reception where you will receive a referral to a specialist out of hand. In this case, the only thing a hospital receptionist will do is to print the necessary document forms.

When the patient applies for medical care to the hospital reception, to open the patient’s medical history in the Hospital Management System (for instance, different ERP systems for healthcare organizations) with the integrated ID Engine module, a hospital receptionist should scan the patient’s ID document through a pop-up window in the automated workbench. ID information received with a scanner is recognized by ID Engine technology, and the extracted data is transmitted to the clinic’s medical information system. Then, if the patient applies to the clinic for the first time, the hospital reception can issue a new medical record card, if he/she has already applied, patient available information in the database is used.

To scan an ID document, you can use conventional flatbed scanners, specialized document scanners, and simple web cameras. Depending on the medical organization policy, scanned document images can be sent for processing to the internal organization server with the installed Smart IDReader technology or recognized directly on the user’s device. ID recognition time takes less than 1 second, the scan time period is not included. The same process is true for medical insurance, social security, or other documents required for initial treatment in public health facilities.
The use of ID Engine recognition technology provides excellent service to its patients and visitors, meets patient satisfaction, makes the process welcoming, and provides comfort in communication between the patient and the hospital receptionist. It is important to say that the automatic form filling with the patient data minimizes the necessity to say personal data information aloud, for instance, date of birth, address, phone number. Smart IDReader implementation reduces the burden and pressure on hospital receptionists and avoid various errors when filling out patient ID, which is vital for document flow.

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