What is Smart Engines?

Smart Engines is a software development company with a broad expertise in computer vision, document processing and OCR, mobile recognition systems and artificial intelligence. Main products of Smart Engines are computer vision solutions and document analysis systems.

What is Hieroglyph?

Hieroglyph is a framework developed by Smart Engines as an outcome of years of scientific research conducted by our R&D team. Hieroglyph provides a set of modern methods and algorithms that can solve data extraction problems. Products based on Hieroglyph framework: Smart ID Reader, Smart MRZ Reader, Smart Passport Reader, Smart BankCard Reader, Smart DrivingLicense Reader, Smart Plate Reader and more to come.

What can I scan with your SDK?

With our SDK you can scan identity documents, bank cards, barcodes, MRZ, and more. As a bespoke solution we can create a custom-made module for scanning specific objects, built-in in a universal SDK and available for operation on mobile devices, desktop and server machines.

How do I get the SDK?

In order to get the SDK you just need to make a request and describe your use case: what documents (or other objects) do you need to recognize and on which platforms. Our team will contact you and provide you the necessary resources.

How can I get the pricing?

The pricing is only shared after careful analysis of the customer’s use case and requires signing a NDA. In order to get the pricing for your project, please make a request.

What languages and characters does your OCR software support?

Currently Hieroglyph framework supports documents with fields in XX languages, including languages with Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, Greek, Armenian, Georgian, etc. New languages are added as the scope of our framework expands.

What platforms and operating systems does your software support?

Our mobile SDK support iOS and Android (we provide SDK with Objective-C, Swift and Java interfaces). Our desktop and server SDK support Windows, MacOS and Linux-based operating systems. Typically our customers describe the technical infrastructure of their project and we provide the most relevant SDK build (sometimes prepared specifically for the operating system in use).

Do you have an open source SDK?

Smart Engines doesn’t have any open source SDKs, our product are build on a proprietary software framework developed in-house.

Can I scan offline?

Yes, and you are encouraged to do so! All Smart Engines solutions work completely autonomously, the computation is always performed on the device on which the SDK is installed and no data transmission is ever performed without the customer’s full control.

Where does my data go? Is the identification safe?

SDKs developed by Smart Engines give full control of the data flow to the customer. Video frames, source photos or scans are always managed by the customer and are given to the SDK in an explicit way, the SDK does not communicate any data to any external servers or storages, all computation is performed strictly in RAM. The recognition results and other extracted data is returned directly to the calling application, controlled by the customer.

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