Mobile network operator Beeline improves convenience and speed of online shopping experience by introducing automatic registration based on document recognition and authentication technology. The software integrated by Beeline was developed by the Russian company Smart Engines, which specializes in computer vision and artificial intelligence.

September 13, 2019, Moscow – Russia’s leading telecom operator Beeline, the brand company of Veon, introduces automatic subscriber registration, and enhances online customer experience of its online store, making it more convenient and fast. The newly integrated solution is based on the document recognition and authentication technology, which enables the mobile operator to process and deliver SIM cards, devices, and accessories purchased in its online store within just 2 hours. The developer of the technology is the Russian research company Smart Engines Service.

The new feature of automatic registration of subscribers has already been introduced into the web interface of Beeline’s online store, and involves recognition and authentication of identity documents through simply pointing the person’s ID to the camera of the device. The system automatically captures the necessary data and adds it into the required fields of the application form. Thus, in total, the data entry process takes less than two seconds. It is worth noting that all the personal information is processed directly on the user’s device and is not transferred to any third-parties.

The solution captures the information in real time and is capable of processing an image of a document almost instantly; it thereby helps to significantly speed up the customer service and improve its quality, while ensuring personal information security. High speed and accuracy of document recognition is the result of advanced methods of training deep-learning neural networks, and machine vision technologies developed by Smart Engines. The solution was integrated by the company Philosophy IT LLC.

The largest mobile operator in Russia and CIS with over 100 million subscribers integrates Smart Engines recognition technology into SIM vending kiosks

Mobile Telecommunications Company MTS integrates Smart Passport Reader into its SIM card issuing kiosks to optimize SIM purchase. Smart Engines OCR solution enables to provide seamless user onboarding by quickly extracting customer identity data.

The SIM vending kiosk is equipped with two video cameras. The first one allows scanning the passport and prefill necessary data and the other one is placed above the screen, and serves for obtaining the image of customer’s face. The system then compares that image to the photo in the passport for verification purposes.

As can be seen in the video upon successful verification the customer is offered to choose a tariff and get his SIM card.

The problem of user verification was solved by face recognition technologies developed at VisionLabs. Both technical solutions of Smart Engines and VisionLabs have been integrated by LETA IT Company.

Russia’s second largest mobile operator uses Smart Passport Reader to reduce customer effort in its stores

MegaFon, the second largest mobile phone operator & the third largest telecom operator in Russia has launched a mobile application to reduce customer service time in MegaFon stores. The application is equipped with Smart Passport Reader — the document recognition technology which enables MegaFon sales assistants issue a SIM card by using just a tablet with a camera. The application was developed by Nexign — the leading BSS solution provider for telecom operators.

Passport Reader by Smart Engines automates the process of inputting customer’s personal data into company’s CRM system by scanning the client’s passport with the tablet camera. This service is available not only for Russian citizens, but also for any foreign passport holders.

The process is secure in terms of personal data safety since all computations are performed on the tablet autonomously without transferring images to external servers for processing.

This new format of instore service allows improving customer experience by reducing wait time associated with a SIM card purchase.

Kirill Shibanov
Director General
MegaFon Retail

Such projects involve not only deep integration of mobile and server platforms, but also involve embedding third-party libraries. This implies having an integrated approach and requires that developers possess a broad set of competencies. What is also important to note is that when interacting with telecom operators, it is necessary to ensure full compliance with the legal requirements with regards to users’ data security.

Mikhail Matyushin
Project Implementation Director (Megafon)

When developing the OCR technologies our goal is to reduce the time of capturing document data in the video stream to less than a second; this is also the case for such complicated document types in terms of computer vision as passports. During this time our algorithms are able to successfully process several frames and provide the user with an accurate recognition result.

Vladimir Arlazarov
Smart Engines

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