A key player of the Tourism industry.

Tax refund has become a standard in the world-wide tourism industry, especially for Asian people who enjoy shopping. Alterknowledge is a leader in the innovation of the tourism industry. This Japanese company has successfully simplified the procedures of VAT refund for tourists.

An app empowered by Smart Engines.

AlterKnowledge Inc. released a mobile application called “Smart DeTax” which is designed to simplify the procedure of preparing consumer tax refund documents. In order to extract data from identification documents “Smart DeTax” solution use the Smart Engines product “Smart MRZ Reader”.

Improvement of the customer’s experience by speeding up the process to avoid long an endless queue at the VAT airport desk.

In order to prepare tax refund receipt the cashier shows the identification document of the customer to a camera of a smartphone with “Smart DeTax” application installed. The app performs MRZ recognition in real-time and the data is transfered to a portable receipt printer via WiFi or Bluetooth. The procedure of getting a tax refund receipt starting from scanning an ID document and ending with a receipt printing takes around 3-5 seconds.

Scanning speed and accuracy of Smart 3D OCR MRZ is an innovative application to overturn the concept of a traditional dedicated OCR equipment.
For PC and the problem of dedicated OCR devices are aggregated to one stood smartphone device, in duty free business in Japan of the retail in distribution industry, significant operational efficiency and cost savings have been achieved. In the near future, this Smart 3D OCR MRZ is not limited to the duty-free operations, it will be deployed in various OCR operations in Japan.

Manabu Iwasaki
AlterKnowledge Inc Japan

A Silicon Valley player

In 2014 in Silicon Valley, California, founders Fareed Ahmad and Aditya Thyagarajan started a project called HotelKey. The idea was to create an effortless user experience to tackle operational challenges for small to mid-size hotels. Both founders recognized that a cloud-based mobile platform was the next digital breakthrough.

Smart Engines mission: to simplify check-in process

The integration of document recognition software from Smart Engines in HotelKey mobile applications allows near-instant entry of guest ID information through the scanning of a passport. After the passport with machine-readable zone (MRZ) has been scanned using a smartphone or tablet, the guest information is immediately entered into the HotelKey infrastructure, without any need for a user to manually enter all of the guest information.

Simply a revolution

The main technological advantage of Smart Engines’ solution, its high-precision and high-speed document recognition using video stream performed securely on the device itself, allowed HotelKey to bring their products to a new level, serving the ever-expanding hospitality industry.

Document recognition on mobile devices is revolutionary for the hotel industry. A partnership with Smart Engines has allowed us to deploy innovative advances in guests service, as well mobile self-service during booking and registration.

Fareed Ahmad
CEO & Founder

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