03.08.2021 г.

Smart ID Engine — Green AI software for ID scanning of Latin America & the Caribbean

Smart Engines has been toughly working to scan identity documents of Latin American & the Caribbean (LAC) countries and territories. Meet Smart ID Engine SDK for integration into mobile, server, desktop and browser apps to boost remote onboarding process, enhance customer service, and digitalize your company’s docflow! Using our product, companies can securely extract identity document data by scanning photos, scans, and video streams in real-time.

Smart ID Engine is based on the proprietary GreenOCR® technology. This state-of-the-art OCR extracts data of IDs in more than 100 world languages including Spanish and Portuguese. The software minimizes processor energy consumption and carbon footprint thanks to the framework of low-bit pipelines for deep neural network inference. With Smart Engines ID scanning the customer’s data is processed securely without any need to send it to external services.

LAC countries & territories

Fast, secure, and eco-friendly scanning of Passports, ID cards, Driver’s Licenses (DL), Residence Permits (RP), and Vehicle Registration Certificates (VRC).

Moreover, especially for Mexico, Smart Engines added scanning of DLs of 30 states, voter card and visa. For Brazil, we offer scanning of unimed medical cards, real estate licenses, and tax identification number cards. For Peru: migration card.


Scan Mexican driver’s license from the following states and Mexico City:

Explore the complete list of supported IDs and countries!

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You can try our Smart Engines technologies with demo apps provided in App Store and Google Play.


Improve your business with Smart Engines technologies

Identity document scanning

Recognition of ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, residence permits, visas, and more. Works on a mobile phone or server, on photos and scans, regardless of their quality, as well as in the video stream from a smartphone or web camera, robust to capturing conditions. No data transfer - scanning is performed on-device and on-premise.

Credit cards, barcodes, MRZ scanning

Recognition of data from codified objects. Captures machine-readable zones (MRZ), embossed, indent-printed, and free-template bank cards, PDF417, QR code, AZTEC and other linear and 2D barcodes using a smartphone’s camera, on the fly. Works in mobile applications (on-device) and scans photographs, regardless of lighting conditions.


Document & Form Reading software

Automatic extraction of data from documents (KYC questionnaires, applications, tests, etc), administrative papers (accounting documents, corporate reports, business forms), and government forms (financial statements, insurance policies, etc). Recognizes scans and photographs taken in natural conditions. Total security: only on-premise installation.

Computational Imaging and Tomography

Green AI for Tomographic reconstruction and visualization. Algorithmization of the image reconstruction process directly during the of X-ray tomographic scanning process. We aspire to reduce the radiation dose received during the exposure by finding the optimal termination point of scanning.

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    Please fill out the form to get more information about the products,pricing and trial SDK for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows.