December 10, 2019

Smart Engines forms a strategic alliance with the Digital Economy League

Russian corporate-scientific institution, the leading developer of integrated computer vision solutions and document analysis systems, company Smart Engines forms a strategic partnership with the association of Russian and CIS IT market players, Digital Economy League. The scope of this cooperation implies capturing the rapidly growing demand for automated document recognition technologies on the telecommunications, financial, and energy markets, as well as the public sector, around Russia and CIS countries. The technical data capture solution from Smart Engines is based on Green AI, and is used to automatically process and extract data from identity documents. The alliance has been joined by two major integrators – Philosophy IT and AT Consulting.

There are two distinctive features that allow to refer to Smart Engines technologies as the “latest generation data capture systems”. First, the recognition algorithms used in Smart Engines software allow the system to work completely offline without transferring data to external services, which minimizes the risk of compromising the personal information. Second cause: efficient energy use, which not only means that the software can work on low-power technical devices, but on the larger scale it helps companies to shift to more energy-efficient solutions, and contribute to the reduction of carbon footprint from the use of modern technologies, which is the main focus of most world leading companies today.

“We have already realized many successful projects with Smart Engines, including work with BCS Financial Group, and VimpelCom PJSC (Veon) – one of the leaders of telecom industry. The integrated solutions by Smart Engines improve the quality of customer service, and systematize and accelerate the processes associated with document and data processing”. Andrei Solodilov, Senior Partner, Digital Economy League.

“Collaboration with the teams from Philosophy IT and AT Consulting, which are experts in system integration, is an important strategic step for us towards entering new markets. Today, our technical solutions are in great demand among those companies that provide personalized sales in which personal data input and processing has to be quick and safe. For companies, the issue of data security in particular has recently become a key factor determining the choice of software providers”. Vladimir Arlazarov, PhD, CEO, Smart Engines.

About Smart Engines
The leading developer of integrated computer vision solutions and document analysis systems, Smart Engines is a corporate-scientific institution focused on fundamental AI-related R&D. The company has a broad expertise in computer vision, document processing, OCR, mobile recognition systems and artificial intelligence. Today, software and hardware systems for recognition of various identity documents are being used by IT, Telecom and Financial market leaders, in both Russia and abroad. Smart Engines solutions play a key role in the development of the digital economy infrastructure, offering highly accurate document recognition solutions that guarantee security of personal data.

About Digital Economy League
Digital Economy League is an association of Russian and CIS IT market participants. It is a community that brings together more than 3,500 experts and project teams to create an environment with favorable conditions for professional development, where the exchange of experience takes place. The purpose of the association is to attract the best experts and create a global competence center in the field of digital technologies, which will bring together the most talented teams. The League members develop and implement technical products and solutions that help to shift commercial organizations and state companies processes into digital.

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