Russian company Smart Engines has introduced an updated version of its proprietary technology for recognition of bank cards Smart CardReader. The solution makes it possible for banks, payment systems, and other users of the solution to capture data from payment cards of any type, including those in which data fields are arranged in a non-standard way: cards with a traditional horizontal layout, vertically oriented cards (portrait bank cards), or cards with the data located on the back side. Smart CardReader technology is available as an SDK and can be integrated into a mobile application, online web platform, or server; the SDK allows performing the data recognition in the video stream and from still images, in real time.

An important advantage of Smart Card Reader is its ability to provide industrial recognition quality in real-world conditions: on the go, inside a taxi cab or in the train while traveling, and under various lighting settings; the system does not rely on perfect conditions, and is able to capture bank cards with normal wear, and recognize the card from an image with any background.
Furthermore, a fundamentally new approach to AI has been taken to develop this technology, which is referred by Smart Engines developers as GreenOCR. It is aimed at reducing energy consumption during neural networks training and execution. Thus, when performing embedded algorithms — including character recognition — most computational heavy, energy-consuming multiplication operations are replaced by simple addition.

The integration of Smart CardReader into a payment service enables users in a click to automatically enter bank card data to make payments, money transfers and other financial transactions in mobile applications and web platforms. It takes about a second to process the data, while ensuring the recognition accuracy of at least 99.61%. Smart CardReader automatically determines the type of card, and autonomously applies the data to the relevant fields, namely: card number, card holder’s name, and the card’s expiration date. The technology is already used in mobile applications of leading digital banks, such as Tinkoff, Post Bank, Dukascopy bank, etc.

The SDK works on almost every mobile and server operating system, including iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, and Solaris. The software is updated on a regular basis and the new versions are provided to our clients free of charge. The technology can be tested by downloading Smart IDReader demo application from Google play or the App Store.

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