28.10.2021 г.

The Konsol platform uses the Smart Engines secure passport scanning solution to provide e-signatures to freelancers

The Konsol company, which offers a non-staff management service, implemented the Smart ID Engine solution for passport scanning providing e-signatures to freelancers. The Smart ID Engine software was developed by the specialists of the research company Smart Engines. Implementation of this solution helps reduce the time taken for users’ identification by documents.

The Konsol platform uses the Smart Engines secure passport scanning solution to provide e-signatures to freelancers

Konsol helps medium and large companies to reduce costs, maximize benefits and minimize onboarding risks. The Konsol platform helps collect profile information, register as self-employed, provide an e-signature, perform verification and onboard a new candidate. The Smart ID Engine integrated solution made it possible to implement secure id scanning of the Russian Federation and CIS countries passports when issuing e-signatures.

As part of the project, a server solution for processing scans and photos of passports has been implemented in the Konsol platform. All calculations during the passport scanning process are performed on premise and images with personal data are not transferred to external devices. The scanning speed of the Russian passport page is less than 1 second. After that, the data registration form is filled automatically. Smart ID Engine provides high quality scanning from photos captured in different angles and under different lighting conditions. In this case, the document in the image can be at any angle.

“Konsol is a secure technological solution for companies and freelancers, which involves the whole interaction cycle from registration to payments and taxes. To speed up user’s identification, we chose the Smart Engines ID scanning technology, because confidentiality and personal data security are important to us,” claims Mikhail Provizion, co–founder of the Konsol platform.

“Data security in digital services is top-priority not only for companies, but also for users who are increasingly choosing remote service. Our software products provide high accuracy and speed of id scanning and help organizations meet the requirements of national and international standards for the security of personal data processing,” comments Vladimir Arlazarov, CEO of Smart Engines, PhD.

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