22.01.2020 г.

Smart IDReader helps legal advisory service recognize documents with standard and flexible layouts

Legal aid service Pravocard has introduced Smart IDReader document capture technology developed by Smart Engines. The hallmark of the technical solution – apart from high recognition speed and accuracy – is its ability to process documents with various layouts.

Pravocard Group specializes in providing legal and financial assistance to businesses and individual clients, charging at a fixed cost on an annual subscription basis. Company’s scope of service covers settlement of various legal disputes, including tax and finance related, which implies application to regulatory authorities. The application procedure in turn implies submission of various documents by the client.
Smart IDReader server based solution integrated into Pravocard’s IT system allows to automatically capture data from documents with both standard and flexible layouts, including: passport, personal income tax certificate, Insurance Number of the Individual Ledger Account, and Individual Tax-payer Number.

The process of data collection goes like this: a client of Pravocard uploads pictures or scanned copies of the aforementioned documents for processing to be then double checked by the servicing manager; in case of approval, the recognized data is automatically entered into the relevant fields of the application form. The algorithms used in Smart IDReader not only speed up the whole application process, but also minimize the chance of errors associated with manual data entry.

Pravocard is frequently recognized for its high level of customer service, and after the integration of Smart IDReader, was honored as the “Innovation of the Year” in “Finance and Consulting” segment, and the “Best Innovation in Customer Experience”, in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

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