06.03.2020 г.

Center for Financial Technologies introduces automatic recognition of complex forms of documents

Center for Financial Technologies “Bazis”(CFT Basis) specializing in integrated applied digital solutions for the mortgage industry, has joint forces with Smart Engines to launch a solution that automates the data input from documents of complex forms. The technical solution processes clients’ personal information 2.5 times faster and significantly reduces the risks of errors in the output data.

Smart Engines has undertaken the automated part of the service, enabling clients to extract data from photos and scans on mobile devices and online services. The main documentation involved in various services in the mortgage industry in Russia is called 2NDFL form; it contains detailed information about employees’ income and the amount of income tax that they pay, and is used by banks, real estate developers and agencies, as well as credit brokers to evaluate borrowers who apply for mortgage loans. Being a complex document with hundreds of data attributes, including tables, and multi-line fields, the automatic recognition of 2-NDFL form is quite a challenge. Smart IDReader is able to detect and retrieve all those attributes, including tables – even if split into parts and located on separate pages. The applied computationally effective algorithms use their visual memory to correct projective distortions and achieve high quality recognition even on photographs taken in various lightning conditions.

After the data has been recognized, “Basis.Documents” then classifies and verifies it. The solution thus can be applied in most complex business processes without the need to engage additional human resources; the technology provides results with a confidence level of 99.9%.

“Our document capture solution is a result of a great amount of scientific research conducted by our team in the field of computer vision and AI. The application of ultrafast neural networks and deep software and hardware optimization allow it to recognize complex A4 document formats on simple devices, in various lighting conditions, and from bad quality photos.”
Vladimir Arlazarov, PhD
Smart Engines

“The introduction of Smart DocumentReader into “Basis.Documents” module has allowed us to provide our clients with a whole new user experience – simple and secure capture of 2-NDFL in mobile applications and online services. The percentage of errors in data entry and client processing time has been significantly reduced which is critical considering the continuous flow of customers that we have.”
Sergey Ponomarenko
General Director
CFT Basis

Smart Engines is a Russia-based company founded in 2010 by a group of leading scientists from a number of institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). The company conducts research in the field of image recognition and processing, machine learning, high-load systems, recognition in the video stream and algorithmic optimization. Smart Engines technical solutions are based on leading scientific achievements in the field of artificial intelligence and provide customers with new opportunities for business processes automation.

CFT “Basis” is a company that develops complex innovative digital solutions for the mortgage industry, which are used by credit institutions, real estate developers and agencies.

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