14.12.2020 г.

JSC Asian-Pacific Bank implemented the Smart ID Engine passport recognition technology

Asian-Pacific Bank implemented the Smart ID Engine solution for automatic passport recognition to improve the quality of customer service. The integration of the Smart Engines product into the bank’s front-office information system was carried out by D’Terra digital agency, which specializes in creating effective digital solutions for financial institutions in Russia and Europe.

JSC Asian-Pacific Bank implemented the Smart ID Engine passport recognition technology

Asian-Pacific Bank (APB) is one of the largest banks in the Eastern part of the Russian Federation with its branch banking services. The bank ranked Top-50 among Russian banks in terms of assets and provides full range of banking services to individuals and legal entities in 108 cities and towns in 19 regions of Russia. 17,000 large corporate customers and SMEs as well as more than 700,000 individuals have already taken advantages of modern and secure banking facilities.

Manual data entry is a very tricky and time-consuming process for bank employees. Thanks to the implementation of Smart Engines’ passport recognition technology by D’Terra agency, Asian-Pacific Bank automated the passport data entry in the front office system, which ensured an increase in the number of applications in the bank branches.

The main objective of the Smart ID Engine software product implementation in APB was to provide the technical possibility of using AI-based recognition systems for passports of Russian citizens. The transition from manual to automated passport data entry allows you to quickly and conveniently fill out applications for clients, agents and the bank’s partners.

Now, when opening a bank account, making a credit application or performing any operation that requires individuals, company representatives and sole proprietors to provide a passport, an employee or bank agent just needs to scan the client’s passport. Smart ID Engine technology extracts all the necessary data in 1 second, and the recognition results are automatically entered into the banking database system.

“The successful use of Smart Engines recognition systems has made it possible to optimize the bank’s workflow, improving employee efficiency. The workload on employees who process customer data has decreased significantly. Automatic recognition has accelerated the document filling processes by our employees, partners and bank agents. Smart ID Engine speeds up workflow, boosts productivity and keeps the employees from doing meaningless and monotonous work,” – claimed Pavel Monakhov, Director of the department of development of remote sales channels at JSC Asian-Pacific Bank.

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